Tips For Playing Futsal In Ramadan

In the month of Ramadan we usually tried to reduce physical activity during the day, including exercise. But for those of you who play futsal hobby, it can be a challenge to keep a routine play futsal. Work out when the fasting month is not actually banned, but there are batasan-batasannya especially for the sport of futsal. Because the sport is indeed very deplete your stamina and spending power. While fasting is also the energy that you have certainly not as big as usual.

There are still many who assume that by fasting we restrict all kinds of normal activity. This resulted in a great many who spend time fasting with the lazy. The normally routine exercise, thus stopping these activities. Whereas, by staying active during the fast, your body will be more healthy. The key is to set the time of your sport.

Check out some of the following tips that you can do in order to keep playing futsal when the month of Ramadan.525

  • Do the sport of futsal one or two hours ahead of the time of breaking the fast. Around 4 or 5 in the afternoon. So once you have finished the futsal could direct the fast.
  • When breaking the fast after playing futsal, don’t direct drinking water in large quantities at once. Drink slowly so as not to startle the stomach and throat dry all day, especially after exercise.
  • can also be done after the futsal serve Iftar. It is also beneficial to burn calories after eating a lot when breaking the fast.
  • Keep the quantity of Your play time. If on normal days you are able to play 20-40 minutes of nonstop even more. When the fasting month should be reduced to 10 minutes nonstop and then rest. You can do this repeatedly until you had had enough of playing futsal.
  • one thing to note is always do heating and cooling after playing futsal.
  • do not forget to pay attention to Your health condition. If you feel the condition of the bodies is not fit, do not enforce keep exercising, or doing heavy exercise.

Hopefully the tips above can help you to stay active in playing futsal.

Futsal ball circulate with various brands and quality on the market. It is very important to always consider when buying it. In the selection of this ball, should pay attention to the material, size and brand. With the selection of the right ball, then peers could play futsal with maximum fun and more and has a durable ball. What are the important tips in the selection and maintenance of the futsal ball for?

Important Tips On Selecting Ball Futsal

Futsal balls designed especially for use in indoor or indoor. So that the ball must have reflected lower range 30%, compared to bounce the ball used for the football pool. What are the important things to note when buying a ball to play futsal?

-Size ball

In general there are three groups to play futsal ball size. The first, smallest size has a circumference ranging from 61 up to 62 cm. Size of balls it is best suited to use by children under the age of 8 years. While the second group, the size of the ball that is slightly larger than the size that fits perfectly played by children aged 8 years to 12 years. The third group is it can be played by children over 12 years to adult. The size of the ball is also used in national and international matches.

-Cover and bladder (surface).

Are the two important parts of the futsal ball. Most of the surface of the ball is made of a material of rubber, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and of Polyurethane (PU). A ball made of rubber material is suitable in practice and just playing with friends. The ball is made of polyurethane material has a great quality, as durable and resistant to water exposure. As for ball surface coated with PVC materials does it weigh lighter and more durable.

Bladder-type ball

Bladder is the main ingredient that can make the ball can inflate properly. Because it is equipped with an air valve and apply the blend of rubber butyl. These conditions made the balls could have filled the air with better, compared with balls made of latex material. The ball can move more responsive when touched the head and legs. Feel soft when touched in the foot and includes a durable product.

-The purpose of use of the ball.

There he is on the ball seam method, i.e. the hand stitching and press machines. Making the ball by using the technique of press machines, generally harder texture than those made with hand stitching.


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-Examine the condition of the ball.

Note the water density, balance, weight, kebundaran, balance and the circumference of the ball while going to buy it. A number of these factors will influence on comfort when using it. Most products have a ball the length of the circumference and weight are the same. A very striking differences appear on the density of water, balance and side kebundarannya. The third factor is very important to support comfort. Right precision is the hallmark of a good ball. But unfortunately for the air density factor, balance and kebundarannya side of his judgement is hard to do it manually. The easiest way is done manually is make sure if that condition is not futsal ball peyang. In order to figure it out, you can touch the surface of the ball carefully. Next could be kicked or memantulkannya to the floor. Quality balls will roll with the straight, while the balls surface peyang will turn him at some distance. To find out the length of the circumference and weight of the ball could see it in the writings listed on its surface. Generally there are two types of writing, that is inspected and approved. We recommend that you choose that reads the ball, as approved, which provided the official match ball of the standard.


-Check ball pentil

Sometimes in the futsal ball forget buying conditions pentilnya. Because it assumes if pentil balls sold is certainly already has a good quality. But this understanding is not always true. The State could affect the durability of pentil ball. So make sure the condition normal pentil and remains located in the proper position. Purpose of checking it to suppress the risk of leaks that often occurs around pentil. If the problematic ball pentil then easily leaked while being saved though. It is highly recommended to always buy the ball in those conditions already filled the air, avoid buying a ball in a State of deflated due to untested quality of pentil.


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