Conte: come cheer the Warm Mourinho at Stamford Bridge

The Manager of Manchester City, Josep Pep Guardiola, noted Sergio Aguero and Vincent Kompany is still a part of the future of the club called The Citizens.
Rumors reserved future Aguero and Kompany into discussions following the decision of the Pep squad in a decisive Champions League match against Barcelona, Monday (19/10/2016). Kompany was not entered in the squad, while Aguero‘s new play on 79 minutes, to replace Ilkay Guendogan.
Vincent doesn’t fit. While the matter of Sergio, I have said after the match that it was a decision of tactics. If Sergio decided to go then it is his decision, “said pep.
PEP stated that Kompany and Aguero are two pillars that sorely needed.
The future of Vincent and Sergio is at Manchester City. When he’s fit, he’s a toughcentral defender. I loved him with all respect to Aguero, backing them up is a decision tactics. I wish there was a midfielder who played in the middle. I tried to master the ball because when you add a midfielder, Cristiano Ronaldo, Xavi, and Luis Suarez, can not play ball, “said Pep.
For the next before you give Your opinion and decide my plans not in Sergio, you can contact me. I appreciate him as a player and a man. When Sergio decided to leave the City, it will be his decision, “connect the Pep.
Aguero is likely to be lowered when City entertain Southampton on Sunday (23/10/2016).
The Chelsea Manager, Antonio Conte, invites fans to give a warm welcome when Jose Mourinho came to Stamford Bridge alongside the troops of Manchester United.
Manchester United versus Chelsea riveting duels will be presented on matchday 9 Premier League 2016-2017, Sunday (23/10/2016). For Mourinho, this was the first time her return to Stamford Bridge since being fired The Blues in 2015.
Conte aware with great services Mourinho behind a row of achievements. Three trophies Premier League and one FA Cup he has been jarring for clubs belonging to Roman Abramovich.
Given the magnitude of the Mourinho role, Conte considers the origins of Portugal that man deserves a positive welcome on his return to the cage.
Mourinho deserved acclaim well because she is in part a history of Chelsea along with players and staff,” said Conte reported by the Daily Mail.
“You remained in the hearts of the fans when it won 3 titles. It is normal and he deserved it, “said Conte again.
Not just this time Mourinho came to Chelsea as opposed to home. He never brought Inter Milan squad to the stadium capacity of 41,663 audience was on the first leg of the CONCACAF Champions League 2009-2010.
As a result, Mourinho‘s Inter a 1-0 win against Eintracht Frankfurt. Samuel Eto’o became the decisive victory of the team through his goal.
The possibility cannot be denied that there are some players that Chelsea are happywith the departure of coach Jose Mourinho from the seat. Victor Moses is one example.
Moses is given the opportunity to play once for Mourinho at Stamford Bridge came to power. The only Nigerian winger action that happens within the Community Shield against Arsenal by 2015.526
Does not have a place in the squad for the savory Mourinho, Moses went on loan toLiverpool FC for a season. He also schooled to Stoke City and West Ham United.
The fate of Moses in Chelsea changed after Mourinho was sacked and replaced by Antonio Conte. He got more chances to play.
Under Conte, Moses already record 7 appearances in his first Premier League match8 2016-2017. The 25-year-old player it’s even already accounted for two touchdowns.
Recognized Moses, himself felt marginalized during the taken care of by Mourinho.It otherwise he feels against Conte.
“He (Mourinho) never talk to me. I thought, he’s been his favorite player on the team to determine , “said Moses cited ESPN.
“Meanwhile, our current Manager is someone who gives everyone a chance though it is young players. I am glad he is here and I just have to enjoy it, “said Moses again.
Moses does not take long for meets again with Mourinho. A former teacher and student is conflicting each other when Chelsea entertain Manchester United, Sunday (23/10/2016).

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