17 Eyes Extra Pep Guardiola

Start Josep Guardiola in the Manchester City simply proves he is capable of giving a brilliant future. Ten victories in 12 matches the beginning of all event is the most valid evidence.


Author: Rizki Senses Sofa


As many as six in the first match of the Premier League, the three parties in the UEFA Champions League and one in the Sepatu Specs League Cup is swept clean by the City era of Pep.


Indeed the last two failed led to victory, but the situation just motivate the original trainer of Catalonia was to better the team.


Anyway, Barcelona could not get credit alone. However, he aided a series of popularprofessional namanama nor ear heard rarely in the football industry.


They totaled 17 personnel and became Assistant, physiotherapist, until the kit manager.


They were the eyes of a very little extra help performance Champions challenge. The following 17 extra eyes the boss.


Domenec Torrent (Assistant Coach)


Worked with Guardiola since he was still coaching Barcelona B in Segunda B Division. Always sit next to Pep on the bench. Always asked for an opinion before the turn of the player. His most trusted deputies.


Mikel Arteta (Assistant Coach)


Had no experience coaching, but has tremendous knowledge reserved football United Kingdom. He plays make Everton and Arsenal (2006-2016) before changing careers late last season. Like Guardiola, he also started his professional career at FC Barcelona.


Rodolfo Borrell (Assistant Coach)


Borrell left the role as a staff coach at Liverpool to the City as technical director in March 2014. He also bleed” Barcelona because it never helps the development of Lionel Messi and Cesc Fabregas in La Masia.


Brian Kidd (Assistant Coach)


One legacy of the era of Manuel Pellegrini. Barcelona asked the 67-year-old man survived. Had also offered to accompany Jose Mourinho at Manchester United, but Kidd chose help Pick.


Lorenzo Buenaventura (Fitness Coach)



The first time the Champions recruited mengarsiteki Barcelona (2008). The task is to build stamina and increase speed, an important component in the Barca team and Bayern Munich era Guardola. Expert help players get through a period of rehabilitation.


Xabier Mancisidor (Goalkeeping Coach)


One of the guys favorite Mancisidor Joe Hart before he was loaned to Torino. Their performance is good for three years at City Football Academy. He also accompaniedManuel Pellegrini at Real Madrid and Malaga.


Max Sala (Head of Sports Medicine)


Has long been the head of the Medical Department of Manchester City. Working together with Eduardo Mauri, Guardiola brought on staff. There is also a Ramon Cugat, who is based in Barcelona.


Steven Lilley (Main FisioterapisTim)


Leeds graduates Lilley Beckett University with a Bachelor of physiotherapy and continuing education master’s degree in sports specialist physiotherapist. Working in theCity since September 2011 from Norwich. Promoted to the main team since June 2013.


Federico Genovesi (Physiotherapist)


Genovesi would have a major role and responsibility to restore those injuries, such as Vincent Kompany and Kevin de Bruyne, back to the peak of fitness. Ever worked in Palermo.


Tom Shineton (Sports Therapist)


Previously, Shineton was working for West Bromine, Leyton Orient, and Northampton Town. Now he tackles the world stars in the City.


Ben Thompson (Sports Therapist)


17 Eyes Extra Pep Guardiola

Used to work as head of a team of therapists in the original Welsh rugby club, Llanelli RFC, for three years. Move to the City per 2007.


Mark Sertori (Soft Tissue Therapists)


It meant talking to Italy. Working with Sepatu Specs Terbaru Sam Allardyce at Bolton and Newcastle before it docked to the City. Once also worked in the United Kingdom created the era ofFabio Capello.


Alistair Marland (Kit Manager)


Marland is also a legacy of the era of Pellegrini. Guardiola defended it needs to ensure that all players are ready in the locker room before practice sessions and matches.


Michael Clitheroe (Assistant Kit Manager)


The main City team manager Kit. As Mark Sertori, he also previously made Bolton. Join Etihad on July 2014.


Barry Hamilton (Sports Scientist)


Studying sports science at Loughbourough University. Before it docked to the Manchester blue, he works create the Football Federation of Croatia.


Sam Erith (Head of Human Performance)


Inasmuch as the eleventh okay in the City, he hired former national team coach, RoyHodgson, United Kingdom as a fitness trainer towards the Euro 2016 in France.


Manuel Estiarte (Personal Assistant)


Last, but most important it could be. It Was Nicknamed Maradona Water Polo! The winner of the gold medal Water Polo made Spain in 1996. Accompany the Pep sincein Barcelona and Munich. He’s like the eye and the ear Pick in the City. The role of Manuel is vast and important behind the scenes Manchester City.


Manuel is very helpful for practical affairs, including the details of handling sucks. It is very vital for me. But, the most important is loyalty and emotional support that he gives, “

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