As Roma are looking for the best position for Alessandro Florenzi

Napoli last undertook to recruit Mauro Icardi (23) from Inter Milan. The ultimate kick I Partenopei form offer money and players are worth a total of 75 million euro or equivalent to Rp 1 trillion!


Naples very mengidamkan Icardi as a replacement for the position of Gonzalo Dismisses in front-line.


Stronghold South of Italy it is not tired launched an appeal for the sake of seductionin order to transport the captain.


The offer for the sake of the offer has been rejected by the ramparts.


“We will not be selling Icardi. The Club received some bids, including from Naples, but we recently extended his contract last year, “said Inter President, Erick Thohir, Italy at Football.


President of Napoli, Aurelio De Laurentiis, do not know the word surrender.


La Repubblica proclaiming the Partenopei lifted the last proposal in the form of cash is 50 million euros, plus rights to striker Manolo Gabbiadini.


The value of Gabbiadini‘s reserves reached 25 million euro and himself will be included in a package of transfer to Inter make recruiting Icardi.


Be 75 million euro figure that appears. Awaits if the formula Rp 1 trillion this successmakes Thohir cs to its knees.


New as Roma twice undergoing trials since the duel stepped foot in the United States. Roma win 5-1 over amateur SIDE FC Boston Bolts on Thursday (29/7/2016) anddefeating Premier Global Management FC 3-0 on the same day.


Author: Graceful Pratama


Edin Dzeko and Kevin Strootman each made two touchdowns plus one from Iturbewin 5-1.


In the second game, the turn of Federico Ricci, Vasilis Torosidis, and Stephan Aldo who became the scorer.


In the two games, Luciano Spalletti wear system 4-33. The interesting thing arises from use of Alessandro Florenzi.


Its founders came the Club’s Academy man installed as right-wing kala against theBoston Bolts.


Florenzi serbaposisi players indeed, but the latter is very rarely played as a winger.


Just last season, the Florenzi is a mainstay of Rome in the post Defender, which continues into national team in Italy along the Euro 2016.


Post Defender it is an extra position given the first shot to the surface in 2011/12, central midfielder known as Florenzi.


The last time regular Florenzi mentas as winger fell on the season of 2013/14.


I know what can be done by him. Now, I try to avoid giving him the task. The ability of the Florenzi much better when he was operating far higher, when he attacked thedefense line of the opponent, “said Spalletti to Retesport.


Although played as right wing, does not mean Florenzi would continue to be placed in the post when Serie A starts rolling.


In Rome’s current squads, Spalletti had Juan Iturbe, Aldo, Mo, and Diego Perotti native who played as a winger.


Yet mention the potential arrival of Lazar Markovic from Liverpool.


Spalletti is definitely just trying to find an alternative when in the middle of the season, the players ride the wings of Rome cannot be played.


I am ready to be played wherever coach wants,” said Florenzi.


Rome recently underwent a test match rather seriously against Liverpool in the Champions Cup International 2016.


The duel was held in Saint Louis, United States, on 2 August. After that Radja Nainggolan dkk. would face the Montreal Impact in Canada on August 4.


Napoli moved quickly after losing mainstay bomber Gonzalo Dismisses, who migrated to Juventus.


Author: Theresa Simanjuntak


On Friday (29/7/2016), I incurred the Partenopei striker Arkadiusz property of the Club Ajax Amsterdam, Netherlands.


According to Sky Sport Italy, property must undergo medical tests twice. The first on Thursday (28/7) afternoon local time, and then on Friday morning.


After inaugurating the arriving, belonging to directly participate in the centrality ofpractice running in Naples, Dimaro, Italy in the North of the area.


For the sake of a 22-year-old striker has it, Napoli have to spend by 25 million euro (nearly 365 billion dollars). These costs do not include bonuses.


A number of parties are convinced of the Property price is too expensive for the new players last year to steal the world’s attention garagara scored 21 goals in 31 matches Eredivisie 2015/16.


Yes, indeed preferably fan Napoli abstinence directly-owned hope can completely replace Dismisses as the main goal of the barns of Naples on the new season.


If omitted, the supporters hope could potentially see talent belongs to, a figure thatwas labelled as one of the promising young striker at the moment.


Property have a number of qualities. Berpostur 1.86 m, he meant in a duel-air duel.


The quality that may be most valuable is his left foot capable of unleashing powerful nan shot accurately.


The left-handed players this has proved the greatness of his left foot in the Netherlands. Of 21 goals in the Eredivisie last season, a total of 13 goals is born thanks to the left leg.


They also belong to the greatness of the show throughout the Euro 2016.

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