Mancini speaking Captain

Agent Marko Pjaca, Marko Naletilic, stating that Juventus was lucky to get his clients. For the similar ability is considered to have Pjaca Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo.
Juventus must menggelontorkan 32 million euro (about Idr 322.3 billion) to acquire from Dinamo Zagreb Pjaca. In fact, by March 2016, market value of players aged 21 years it‘s just 7 million euros.
According to the price, Naletilic enough deserves to Pjanic. This is because the player is considered to have several advantages, including flexibility positions.
He can play as a main striker or trequartista. Yes, attacking instincts as trequartistawith Kaka, “said Naletilic.
In addition to standing behind a striker, is also eloquent Pjaca combing the side of the field. Eleven of his performances together with Croatia‘s national team, eight of which made Pjaca as right-wing.
As for the level of the Club, he’s more combing the left side. He filled this area as many as 19 times in 2015-2016. In the eyes of Naletilic, there are similarities between the Pjaca and Ronaldo when operating on the left.
The comparison is indeed has never been easier. However, I see the Pjaca as a combination of Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo, “said the agent.
Obviously, we were talking about youth aged 21 years. Only, he could rapidly expanding and fixing a number of weak spots. Pjaca soon surprise everybody, “said Naletilic.
It was no surprise when Naletilic so exalt its clients. Pjaca indeed is one hot commodity in the transfer market this time of the season.
Admittedly the Pjaca, agent presents to interest AC Milan, Liverpool, Borussia Dortmund, Schalke, Wolfsburg, and Fiorentina. Some enthusiasts of which offer salaries doubled than Juventus.529
The name ex peramu tactics of Ajax Amsterdam, Frank de Boer (46), listed in the position of coach of Inter Milan are starting season 2016-2017, not Roberto Mancini (51).
The inclusion of De Boer as Inter coach happened on Sunday (30/7/2016). The incident nonetheless not refers to the confirmation of the Club.
The emergence of the name De Boer can be seen if you access the site and the search words 2016-17 Inter Milan season”, since at least early in the day, this Sunday.
De Boer has indeed repeatedly referred to as Inter coach candidates when the Clubberalias Nerazzurri were so disconnected with Mancini.
Remaining Mancini employment contract another year at Inter. However, placementDe Boer name can be translated as a signal that the performance did not convinceMancini made fan.
Towards new season, Mancini on the other issues himself would lift the legs because the face of dissent about the transfer with the Nerazzurri‘s management.
Rumors of conflict with the Club’s top brass come polemics surrounding the future of team captain, Mauro Icardi.
Demands to let Mancini retreat can also be affected by Inter for Red melakoni report pramusim this time.
In the 6 party test has been passed, Stevan Jovetic cs just win once.
The results are only obtained with a thin score 2-1 over the United States and a major league team Canada (MLS), Real Salt Lake, thanks to a deciding goal late Jovetic.
Inter Milan coach Roberto Mancini, explained that striker Mauro Icardi will still be the team captain called La Beneamata.
The statement that Mancini was delivered amid speculation of future Icardi. Origin of the Argentina striker rumored to media in Italy will leave the Giuseppe Meazza.
Napoli Club’s goals will be touted Icardi as a substitute Gonzalo Dismisses who decided to leave Juventus.
Mauro is our captain. I don’t know what happened in the future but he was Captain, “said Mancini after his team’s 1-4 defeat of Bayern Munich in the Champions Cup International match (ICC) 2016, Saturday (30/7/2016) or Sunday early morning GMT.
Inter’s single goal in those games created Icardi on the 90th minute. The 23-year-old player takes only 20 minutes to score after coming onto the field at 71 minutes, replacing Stevan Jovetic.528
“The only positive thing is we didn’t concede in the second half and it was only because this match is hard. The cause is impossible to play with 11 players for 3 games in 6 days. It is very difficult, “review Mancini.
This defeat also became the third along the Inter on preparation of their pramusim.Of the six matches pramusim, pasukam Mancini only win one time over Real Salt Lake 2-1.
Furthermore, Inter will resist Tottenham Hotspur match friendship at Ullevaal Stadion, Oslo, on Friday (5/8/2016).

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