There is no Sympathy created Gonzalo Dismisses

The penalty for Gonzalo Dismisses already set Italy Football disciplinary Commissionon Tuesday (5/4/2016). Napoli striker was suspended four games without getting sympathy from Italy football public.


2-received a red card when Napoli lost 1-3 from Udinese Sunday (3/4) at the Friuli Stadium. He rages after the card out of the SAC referee Massimiliano Irrati.


2-hand and shouted at Irrati clearly touched the breast of the referee.


The penalties become more severe because he considered insulting and roughing up the referee, thus must be drawn out by teammate as well as staff.


Four parties will make the Time absent in a match against Verona, Inter, Bologna, and Rome. Naples States will conduct the appeal.


At least they are trying to trim the sentence being only three party Time so that he could still play against Roma.


The party was crucial because such play-off for second place while a ticket straight to the main round of the Champions League next season.


We think the sentence was unfair and exaggerated, so the official statement.


However, Italy was not publicly give sympathy to Dismisses and Naples. At least it looks in the polls on the site and


In, 73 percent of the votes expressed the attitude of the Time could not be condoned.


Only 3 percent who called Dismisses red card would make the title being unfair. The rest of the votes considered in the past attitude as unforgivable Dismisses.


Whereas in other sites, only 46 votes which declared suspension of four party excessively.


As many as 35 percent of the party‘s four is just right. The remainder of votes evenmentions Dismisses should get a heavier sentence.


The attacker Napoli, Gonzalo Dismisses (28) got the ban played four times. He got the penalty following the red card he can when Napoli lost 1-3 from Udinese, Sunday (3/4/2016).


The referee expelled dismisses on 76 minutes because Defender dropped Udinese,Dias Felipe.


Instead of immediately left the field after receiving a red card, the former Real Madrid player rampages across the field.


He pushed referee Maurizio Irrati and attempted to attack the players and Udinese.


Lega Serie A, as a League, give operators a ban four times competed with the details once the ban because of the red card, one for excessive protests, one for roughing up opponents, and one time for insulting and pushing the referee, as well as beingaggressive towards the opponent.


In addition, Time must also pay a fine of 20,000 euros (around Rp 300 billion).


Sanctions against the almost certainly Dismisses the more complicate the steps of Naples to overtake Juventus from the top of the standings while the Italian Serie a.


Moreover, the competition Italian Serie A live leaving only seven games.


This time, I left Partenopei six points from Juventus, scoring 67 points.


In addition to Time, Napoli also lost coach Maurizio Sarri for one game.


Sarri banned his team stood because the match officials protested when the Time got a red card.


Italy national team coach Antonio Conte (46) faced a lawsuit case setting the scorewhile coaching a club Siena in season 2010-2011. The figure who will train the next season Chelsea threatened a six-month prison sentence and a fine of 8,000 euro (approx Usd 120 million).


The Prosecutor of the Court of the city of Cremona, Italy, Roberto di Martino accused Conte of knowing involvement in the setting of Siena players score in a match against Albinoleffe in Serie B.


At that time, Siena has already secured promotion to Serie A, while the Middle struggling Albinoleffe stayed in Serie B.


In the game, Albinoleffe 1-0 win over Siena, and ensure yourself not relegated to Serie C, on the other hand, the defeat had no effect to Siena.


The case involves no fewer than 104 defendants, including Sepatu Futsal Specs Conte. However, Conte himself did not attend the hearing of the lawsuit On Martino.


However, through the power of his law, Conte denied the allegations.


This is not the first time Conte snagged the alleged case setting the score while stillcoached Siena.


In the summer of 2012-2013, Conte undergo skors for four months. At that time, hewas convicted of not reporting similar cases.


The results of the trial in the lawsuit against Conte Martino will be decided in mid-May. If found guilty, Conte could appeal.


He will be decided free if his appeal is received, or he States received all the resultsof the trial.


As reported by The Telegraph, Conte had informed the matter to the middle of the Chelsea management to negotiate the issue of the contract.


Previously reported, Conte will train the Chelsea starting next season, as soon as he’s doing their job along with Italy‘s national team at the Euro 2016 Summer later.

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