Conte Optimistic Bring Premier League Champion Chelsea

Censure reserved treat vile Manchester United (MU) against Bastian Schweinsteigercontinued to trickle in. After the President and coach of Bayern Munich, now turn aspare goalkeeper Manuel Neuer such action.
The presence of Manager Jose Mourinho at MU this season into a nightmare for Schweinsteger. Instead of getting better career alongside Mourinho, Germany midfielder accepted the fact that it should be excommunicated from the core Red Devils squad.
It originated from the decision of Mourinho who choose not bring THY magpies when Schweinsteiger pramusim against Galatasaray in Sweden. Later, Schweinsteiger told to practice with the team until MU and upholstery is not currently played by The Special One.
Bastian is a great player. He is an important player by having a lot of experience. So, I cannot understand the decision of the mengucilkannya of Manchester United, “said Neuer.540
Bayern Munich President Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, even assess the events that Schweinsteiger could have an impact on the future of the Club. For, the existence of this makes the players have to think hard to join MU in the future.
“I can hardly believe it. Incidents of this kind will make one or two players who wanted to join were to think hard, “said Rummenigge.
That kind of thing never happens at Bayern Munich,” said the 60-year-old man was.
Currently, Bastian Schweinsteiger still bound by contract until 2018 at Old Trafford.32 year-old player was already collecting 31 appearances and scored one goal since joining in July 2015.
Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger, assess the players were exhausted after performing at the 2016 European Championships so that failing to perform optimally and lost3-4 on the opening Premier League game against Liverpool on Sunday (14/7/2016).
Play at the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal opened the excellence through Theo Walcott in the 31st minute. However, the origin of the North London Club’s superiority last only until the end of the first half after Liverpool free shots through Philippe Coutinho.
Entering the second half, The Reds behind the winning goal through Adam Lallanaon 49 minutes. Six minutes later, Courinho returns its name in the notes of the scoreboard after scoring. On 63 minutes, turn Sadio Mane who scored made Liverpool away with the score 4-1.
Arsenal then only able to minimize failed to be 3-4 through goals scored Alex OxladeChamberlain (64 ‘) and Calum Chambers (75 ‘).
We played very good in the first half and were lucky not to concede. After that, welook less experience and were not ready physically, “said Wenger.
You have a situation in which a team of 22 players played in the European Cup. It makes the players should need a break, “said Wenger.
The defeat makes Arsenal now stranded in 15th position while the Premier League standings, 2016-2017. Meanwhile, Liverpool are in second place standings with three points.
In the next game, Arsenal will face Leicester City at the King Power (20/8/2016). On the same day, Liverpool going into Stadium Turf Moor to face Burnley.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic has a lot of sweet notes throughout his career in the world of football. Some of accomplishments and phenomenal performance ever reached. The new record also became part of the ball at the enthusiast of the attention this weekend.
It happened after Ibrahimovic scored against Bournemouth on a prime game along with Manchester United’s Premier League performances in 2016-2017. The goal of making the Brazilian recorded is capable of scoring in six different leagues, i.e. Sweden, Netherlands Eredivisie League, Italy Serie A, Spain La Liga, Champions League and Premier League, United Kingdom.
No wonder, during a career in the world of soccer, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been incised gold ink, especially noting the debut of sweet along the continent‘s top clubs 6 blue.
This is the 6 interesting facts matter when Zlatan Ibrahimovic‘s debut show for the dibelannya Club.
The Chelsea Manager, Antonio Conte, confident his team opportunities related to grab the Championship Premier League 2016-2017. Italy-born managers were assessing The Blues have the quality needed to grab the trophy.
Antonio Conte signed the contract lasts for three seasons alongside Chelsea padsaApril 4, 2016. 47-year-old Manager took The Londoners to grab five victories and two defeats from seven matches pramusim. The two defeat The Blues gained when faced against Rapid Wien (16/7/2016) and Real Madrid (30/7/2016).
Conte debuted along with Chelsea in the Premier League 2016-2017 with face West Ham United at Stamford Bridge on Monday (15/8/2016).
“I think this League will take place very strict. I also think there are at least six to seven or eight teams who can fight winning the title, “said Conte.

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