Former Premier League Star Shot Dead Police

The Manchester United midfielder, Paul Pogba was still a warm conversation. Not only the pending debut, quantity value transfer of the France national team penggawa, still continue to fried ‘.


Finally, the Manager of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger and Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp, being a person who criticized Manchester United’s decision to bring the Pogba toOld Trafford. According to them, the price of the 23-year-old player is too high.


Almost similar comment came from the Manchester United legend, Gary Neville. The difference, he believes similar price will give you a favor in the future. “When looking at age, capacity and prices now, it could be just too expensive. But I believe with the instinctual tradition at Carrington, “he said, on Sky News, Monday (15/8/2016).


Neville sentence refers to the transfer process involving several star players and influential, such as Roy Keane, Rio Ferdinand and Wayne Rooney. Then, the third playercomes with the price of expensive, many people have doubts, and not all fans happy.


But all changed after know their contributions a few years later. This means that the price that Pogba to reach Rp 1.5 trillion, would not necessarily be enjoyed along this season. Neville said, if the following patron, Pogba could not be successful in 2-3 years into the future.


He is demanding of the Manchester United fans to be patient, as well as supportingevery development of Pogba by season. MU has a habit of buying a star-quality players will shine the next few years. So, they come before the peak of his career, and it’s been proven, “explained Neville.


For Neville, Pogba would follow the blueprint of other legendary players ever to inhabit the Old Trafford. “He will not be like bryan Robson or Roy Keane, and that expectations were too high. I think he will really be THY breath in 5-6 years into the future, when he‘s really matured, “he said.


Manchester United transfer history ever recorded around 34 million pounds or around Idr 510 billion wreaked when Rio Ferdinand in 2002. Then menggelontorkan 25.6 million pounds or around Rp 358.4 billion for the sake of getting Wayne Rooney from Everton. Special Rooney, the next two years the new bomber can give the role of the first team.


A columnist for the Daily Mail, Jamie Redknapp revealed, the role has yet to be significant at Pogba first year along with Manchester United. He assesses the quarterback still has to adapt himself more with the physical game in the Premership.


The difference is, she will quickly adapt because never was there. I think good Pogba will contribute over half of the season, or at least in the next year, “said Redknapp.


Former Manchester City and Aston Villa, Dalian Atkinson, stretch lives in the hands of the police. Atkinson was killed after being shot with the Taser weapon or weaponusing Tasers.


West Mercia police getting an emergency call from a house in Meadow Close on Monday (15/8/2016) at around 7:30 in the morning local time. The caller claimed to get the attack.


Police who arrived on the scene immediately fired the weapon into the shock bodyAtkinson. 48 year old male that had a chance to get medical aid. However, he died 90 minutes later. Until now, the unknown cause of the Atkinson knocked out with a Taser.


Hospital spokesman Prince Royal reveals Atkinson died on the way to Hospital due to a heart attack. Until now, West Mercia Police declined to comment on the grounds already bestows Policing Ethics Commission this case United Kingdom.


I have known since he was a kid Atkinson. He is a famous football player in his time. He is friendly. To my knowledge, he never engaged the issue, “says neighbor Atkinson who do not want to be named.


During her career, Dalian Atkinson plays as a striker and started his professional career alongside Club Ipswich Town. He has strengthened some of the well-known clubs such as Aston Villa, Manchester City and Fenerbahce,. Born March 21, 1968, it also strengthens the Club of origin of South Korea, Daejon Citizen and Jeonbuk Motors Hyunadai.


Atkinson never created a spectacular goal against Manchester United while strengthening Aston Villa on the final League Cup 1994 United Kingdom. He took Aston Villa won with a score of 3-1.


He also became the first player to win the award the most beautiful goals in the Premier League in 1992/1993. Goals that he print kala strengthen match against Aston Villa at Wimbeldon.


Although never strengthen the senior team, Dalian Atkinson recorded never playedin the United Kingdom national football team B in 1990. He became the sole scorerThe Three Lions defeated the Republic of Ireland epoch with a score of 1-4.

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