Outfield Superstar: 4 Goals towards the Top Was all time MU

The figure of Wayne Rooney loses prominence compared to Zlatan Ibrahimovic, EricBailly nor Juan Mata while reaping the Manchester United victory over Bournemouth with a score of 3-1. However, the match at the Stadium, the Vitality of the week (14/8/2016), the captain proved to be the figure of a living legend.
A factor of peace and vision playing Rooney, giving other players for ease ofcoding. A great soul who needs maturity to make room for other players. Rooney’ssuccess to play it.
More than that, Rooney can balance the appearance on the field individually. Just look, he contributed goals for Manchester United. The vision in front of goal could never fade, and fruitful goal on 59 minutes. The touchdown made the score 2-0, after Juan Mata opened the score in the 40th minute.
In the end, Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored a third goal for United on 64 minutes. The host’s goal was born five minutes later via Adam Smith. For Rooney, the scorer of belongs to. Now, he has scored 7 times at the opening of the Premiership.
The only entry from Alan Shearer and Frank Lampard, who each have always scored on 8 opening party Premier League. More importantly, the goal of making collections Wazza, greetings, Wayne Rooney becomes a total 246 goals for Manchester United in all competitions.544
The figure was only linked to three goals with top was all time The Red Devils, Sir Bobby Charlton. That is, now Rooney simply creating four goals from all competitions this season, so that makes it a status of perpetual top was Manchester United.
As many as 246 goals consists of 179 goals in 21 Premier League goals in the FA Cup, 5 goals in the League Cup, United Kingdom 37 goals in Europe, and the other four goals came from friendly matches or non-formal. Earlier, Rooney had passed the record collection belonging to the legendary figure of the other goal, Denis Law.
One goal, against Bournemouth also become sharp critics themselves over the directional on Coleen McLoughlin‘s husband. Rooney was considered already declining, especially after not display optimally on the 2016 European Championship event inFrance.
But Rooney denied his performances want to prove something. There’s nothing I want or kuinca. All for the joy of the fans. I‘ve been playing a long time, and believed in my capacity. Again, I don’t need to prove to anyone or any party, “he said, in Football365.
Rooney believes Manchester United will be a solid team, which would affect his performance on the field. For her, this season would feel special.
“We‘ve done four great deals on the stock transfer, with four remarkable players. All four will improve the performance of the team, and we have a Manager with a remarkable record of success. So, a lot of passion here, and we‘ll grab the Championship title at the end of the season, “said Rooney.
Although capable of scoring on his debut along with Manchester United in the Premier League, United Kingdom turns out to not quite make the best player Zlatan Ibrahimovic in a match against Bournemouth in the stadium Vitality, Bournemouth, on Sunday (14/8/2016).
MU fans thus prefer Eric Bailly as man of the match. Through a poll conducted by the official Twitter MU, a defender who recently brought in from Villarreal 77 percent of the votes it gets, goes far beyond other players.
Based on statistics the Ivory Coast-born man it does play quite disciplined lines of control back of the Red Devils. Recorded 22-year defender was doing twice tekel, rescue and twice seven times throw the balls to stop the attack of the opponent.
Not only that, players who were drawn to the value of 30 million pounds also has three accuracy up to 95 percent. The following action photos of Eric Bailly against Bournemouth.545
This season’s bomber gaek origin, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Sweden decided to join with the United Kingdom, the giant club Manchester United. Post a free trial and the action malakoni Community Shield, finally Ibrakadabra undergo the official debut in the Premier League against United Kingdom Bournemouth Vatality Stadium, Bournemouth, on Sunday (14/8/2016).
No need to wait for long, on his new stage that former Barcelona striker was able todirect the Schilling scored on 64 minutes. The Brazilian managed to usher the Red Devils a 3-1 victory at home to the opponent.
This success also makes the Brazilian records him as a football player that is capable of scoring in six leagues in Europe. Man 34 years was a success scored in League ofSweden, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France and the United Kingdom also.

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