Milner Denies Liverpool Draw Due To The International Gap

Leicester City Manager, Claudio Ranieri, start worrying about his team’s position in the Premier League, 2016-2017 which is getting close to the relegation zone.


Very close to the relegation Zone. So, we must immediately react. I hope the difficulties this season will not be lasting long that this team could grab a few points, “saidRanieri.


This kind of thing normally experienced teams such as Leicester City‘s new title. Now, we must continue to work hard, compact because that is the only just remedy i.e., work hard and stay United, “said the Manager of the origin of Italy that.


Leicester City back to swallow the defeat in the Premier League is over serve 1-2 from Watford in the 12th week of action which takes place at Vicarage Road, Saturday (19/11/1999). The defeat became the second consecutively or sixth overall experienced The Foxes this season.


As a result, Leicester City now stranded in position 2 with a collection of 12 points. Jamie Vardy and his friends left behind 16 points from Chelsea at the top of the table position or winning two points from Hull City in the red zone, i.e. the position of the standings while 18.


The situation experienced by the Leicester City this season feels like a misnomer. Because, kubu King Power Stadium is the Premier League defending champions. However, the situation is different is precisely experienced Leicester City this season in the Champions League.

547Leicester City now becomes pemuncak standings in Group G of the Champions League while 2016-2017 with a value of 10. In the next game, Leicester City will entertain Club Brugge at the King Power Stadium on Tuesday (22/11/1999).


The Chelsea Defender, David Luiz, the rate is still too early for his team to speak to Premier League title chances 2016-2017.


Of course we were happy to be on top of the standings. However, it is still too earlyto speak of a matter of degree, “said David Luiz told the BBC.


It is important that it feels like the last action on the IE team finish in the League. That’s our goal, “said Brazil midfielder was.


The statement David Luiz leveled after Chelsea’s 1-0 victory over Middlesbrough in the match of the weekend of the 12th Premier League 2016-2017 at the Riverside Stadium. The Blues scored The victory goal by Diego Costa on 41 minutes.


The victory makes Chelsea is now the Premier League standings, while the pemuncak 2016-2017 with a value of 28, winning a number of Liverpool and Manchester City.


With the Premier League still has 28 match again, David Luiz statement above seemed quite reasonable. Moreover, Chelsea next week will face tough matches against Tottenham Hotspur at Stamford Bridge (26/11/1999) followed by a match against Manchester City at Etihad Stadium on 3 December 2016.


The Liverpool player, James Milner, rejected the assumption that the results gaineda goalless draw against Southampton, the team of the week (8/11/1999), as the impact of the pause.


Some players like Liverpool Georginio Wijnaldum, Roberto Firmino, Jordan Henderson, and Sadio Mane has just returned from the task defending country respectively in the 2018 World Cup qualification and have little time to prepare to face the match against Soton.


Many are worrying about our appearance will be decreased after returning from the international gap, but we were still able to play faster and dominate,” says Milner.


Premier League alerts you, Liverpool has 64 percent of the possession, as opposed to 35 percent belongs to Southampton, The Reds had two chances from 15 of the experiment. Southampton, meanwhile, has no chance of three experiments.


Southampton were a good team, have a good organization. I am sure they are disappointed with their rankings right now, and they have many good players, “says Milner.


That certainly we’re happy because we get the points, what’s more we can do a clean sheet,” he added.


This makes Liverpool draw down to second position standings while Premier League2016-2017 package with 27 points. The Reds lagging one points from Chelsea whoare at the top. Southampton are in tenth position with 14 points.

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