Webb: Manchester United Should Be Able To Penalize The Opponents Arsenal

Yaya Toure scored two goals at once brought Manchester City a 2-1 victory over Crystal Palace in the match of the weekend of the 12th Premier League, Saturday(19/11/1999). Be back defending the Man City, Toure felt happy.


“I feel very happy to be able to play today, it’s a little difficult for me. I am very happy to be back playing football, peers is very important to me, “said Toure.


They are always brilliant and always supporting me. I always wanted to be there tohelp them. I was a professional player, I always wanted to improve my game. I am ready mentally and I know one day I will need a Manager. You should always remain the professionals, he explained.


Status of Yaya Toure had been frozen by Pep Guardiola. Origin Spain Manager was furious with the statement from Toure, the ins agent Dimitri, who often attacked him.


The ins call Guardiola has been arbitrarily because of write off Former Ivory Coast national team midfielder from The squad that Citizens in the Champions League this season. PEP Guardiola recently Toure Yaya will play if the ins raised an apology.


Don’t want this problem increasingly enlarged, berinisatif Toure to apologize to former Barcelona coach. Goodwill Toure was greeted positively by Guardiola.


He fielded 33 players that year since starting against Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park.Yaya Toure managed to reciprocate the trust given to him with the performance.


Toure scored two touchdowns on 39 minutes and 83, as well as bring Manchester City win 2-1. Meanwhile, the sole goal of the Palace into the Connor Wickham 66 minutes.


For Yaya Toure, this is his Prime in a Premier League season 2016-2017. Thanks to his contribution in this match, Manchester City is now rising to the rank of two provisional Premier League standings with a value of 27.


Former United Kingdom origin referee, Howard Webb, rate Manchester United should get a penalty against Arsenal in a Premier League match of the 2016-2017-12thweek at Old Trafford, Saturday (19/11/1999).


I think it was a penalty. When I saw the replay for the first time, there are no significant contact, “said Webb to BT Sport.


“But, if I think Monreal ball in an attempt to hinder Valencia? Yes, I would like to think so and it was definitely a penalty. I surprised Andre Marinner does not provide apenalty kick, “said referee who officiated in the Premier League 2003-2014 it.


Comment the Webb refers to incidents involving Nacho Monreal and Antonio Valencia on 35 minutes. Valencia had dropped in the forbidden box Monreal, but refereeAndre Marriner was not regarded it as infringement.


Manchester United finally opened the excellence through Juan Mata on 68 minutes.However, a victory that was almost achieved sirna after Arsenal are scoring throughOlivier Giroud on 89 minutes.


One additional points does not change the position of Manchester United sixth withvalue 19. The Red Devils are now lagging nine digits from Chelsea as pemuncak Torres.


The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, praised the role of Michael Carrickwho considered could improve the game Paul Pogba.

544When Carrick play, Pogba often plays as an attacking midfielder. This thunderous France it looks more has starred alongside Manchester United.


Pogba has scored three goals while Carrick central midfielder position. The third goal consists of two goals in a match against Fenerbahce in the Europa League(20/10/2016), and one other goal in the Premier League game against Swansea City(6/2/2016).


“Because Carrick, Pogba could play more attacking and having more confidence. She is able to create more feedback with other players, “said Mourinho.


“I am going to mention the combination of Paul Pogba, Michael Carrick, and AnderHerrera as the best combination. I am sorry could train on Michael Carrick when he was 35 years old. Should be, I see him early, i.e. at the time he was 25 years old, “continued Mourinho.


Even though it has aged 35 years, Michael Carrick was judged to still have the abilityboth as a regulator of the attack team. Of the seven games at the various event, five of which ended in victory for the Red Devils when Carrick appeared.

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