PEP Guardiola is ready to play Toure Yaya in Champions League

A 1-0 victory against Middlesbrough, Sunday (20/2/2016), bringing Chelsea to the top of the standings while Premier League 2016-2017. Defender Gary Cahill, The Blues, revealed his team’s journey to become a champion is still long.


Single goal victory Chelsea attacker Diego Costa created on 41 minutes. Up to threenumbers makes The Blues collected 28 points, winning one point from Liverpool and Manchester City that occupies the second and third positions.


The confidence of the team and we played good. We get the most. We managed to continue the trend before the pause, “said Cahill.


“We are in a good moment of time and continue to work hard. Very easy to play when You WINS. However, the League could not be won today. We haven’t even entered the Christmas, he added.


Chelsea had suffered a difficult period in September. The Blues failed to achieve victory in the three-game streak. The Londoners balanced against Swansea City, losing to Liverpool and Arsenal.


However, everything changed along with the change in tactics that conducted the Manager Antonio Conte from four to three Defender Defender. The Blues grabbed six victories consecutively.


After the two defeats of Liverpool and Arsenal, certainly it is not easy to believe we’re going to have six winning streak. Moreover, without a single goal conceded, “says Conte.


Very difficult to succeed in this League. Get six winning streak is a fantastic achievement. After two consecutive defeats, [Chelsea] (2657299 “Chelsea“) briefly considered not as the favorite team champion, he added.


Manchester City’s Manager, Pep Guardiola, revealed midfielder Leroy Sane takes a lot of time to adapt to the style of play in the Premier League.


“He needs more time to adapt to know how we play. I wanted her to feel pretty good to be part of this squad, “said Pep.


“He is still young and does not only play here for three months only. He will play here in the past five to six years. He has tremendous talent. He very quickly in a duel one against one. I want to help her pull out the best ability, “Pep added.


Leroy Sane brought Manchester City from Schalke 04 for $37.5 million euro ($ 534 billion). Over the past two years become the Royal Blues player, he appeared 57 times and creating 13 goals.


The 20-year-old player‘s presence was expected to increase prospective game Manchester City wing of the sector. However, he has so far played five times recently andhave not yet created the goal.


It is natural if it feels Sane need time to adapt. I feel he has the character and attitude that is able to take it out of this problem, “said former colleague Sane Borussia Dortmund are now also playing in the City, Ilkay Gundogan.


Leroy Sane aplomb and realize very well his ability. She is a bit shy because he stillwas 20 years old. I experienced a similar situation when joined to Dortmund from Nuremberg. So, I know what he feels, Gundogan added.


Manchester City’s Manager, Josep Guardiola, satisfied with the appearance of midfielder Yaya Toure in a match against Crystal Palace, Sunday (20/2/2016). PEP promiseback plays Yaya Toure in the Champions League, 20162017.


Yaya Toure creating two goals against Crystal Palace on 39 minutes and (83 ‘). This marks the first appearance of Ivory Coast-born player in the Premier League it was 2016-2017. The Citizens he carried a 2-1 victory.


Previously, Barcelona’s Yaya Toure of write off Manchester City squad in the UEFA Champions League. The reason, the film man Spain was furious with Toure, the ins agent Dimitri, who often attacked him.


However, Guardiola is now ready to play Toure Yaya in the round of 16 Champions League 2016-2017. City will get a ticket to the fall phase if victory against BorussiaMönchengladbach, on Wednesday (23/12/2016). Every team that qualified for the fall phase will re-register the players.


I haven’t been able to play Toure on a match against Glasgow Celtic. But if we managed to qualify from the group phase, I will discuss with my coaching staff to determine the composition of the best players, “explained Pep.


I’m sure This one among the players that I would enter. That’s because with the play in midfield, our game became increasingly on the rise. He never hesitated in play,he added.


Yaya Toure has ever worked with Guardiola in Barcelona in 2008-2010. The Ivory Coast midfielder was capable of scoring four goals in 80 matches in various event.


“She is my foster child in Barcelona. I really knew him. I often discuss with him in the past month. He is not a new player I know. I came to know him as a good man anda player, “said Guardiola.

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