Southampton Players Praise The Appearance Of Liverpool

Southampton players, Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, praising the game’s slick Liverpool when the two teams draw 0-0 in a match continued Premier League 2016-2017 at St Mary’s Stadium, Saturday (19/11/1999).
Liverpool were able to appear dominant in the game. Recorded, Jordan Henderson and his friends were able to acquire 64.5 percent possession, as opposed to 35.5 per cent belonged to Southampton.
Not only that, The Reds were also able to release 15 shots and two that led to the goal. Whereas, Claude Puel‘s squad does not have any chances of a total of three experiments. The case reported by the official website of the Premier League.
“I never played in Germany and Bayern Munich and dealing with Borussia Dortmund. I also once against Manchester City in the UEFA Champions League. However, I have to say this, “said Hojbjerg.550
Liverpool is a team, maybe the best ever be my opponent. It was amazing when I saw how they move, survive, and also their teamwork. It’s like a Symphony, “he added.
Not only being able to play, Liverpool is also the tersubur team in the Premier League this season. Menggelontorkan success, they recorded a total of 30 goals in 12 matches.
“Not only were able to move the ball quickly, they also have the players who have speed. When should duel one against one, the players they were able to do that well, “said Hojbjerg.
This makes Liverpool draw down to second position standings while Premier League2016-2017 package with 27 points. The Reds lagging one points from Chelsea whoare at the top. Southampton are in tenth position with 14 points.
The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, assess Captain Wayne Rooney was not fast enough. That’s the reason The Special One not to overthrow him since early in the match against Arsenal at Old Trafford, Sabttu (19/11/1999).
Mourinho fielded a trio of Anthony Martial, Juan Mata, and Marcus Rashford on a match against Arsenal. Rooney recently signed in 63 minutes of replacing Martial.
Arsenal are a team who let opponents attack, then lock their opponents in midfieldbehind him,” said Mourinho.
To get over it, I choose players who have speed as Juan Mata, Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford, Mourinho said. for me, the three of them faster than Rooney, “he added.
Wayne Rooney was having a difficult time at Manchester United. United Kingdom-born players were occupying new positions under Jose Mourinho, namely midfielder.
However, Roo is considered less qualified to occupy that position and more sitting on the bench. Mourinho then returns the position of the Roo to the attacker. However, the former penggawa Everton remained the backup players.
On the other hand, a match between Manchester United against Arsenal ended a 1-1 draw. MU excels through the action of Juan Mata on 68 minutes. Arsenal replied to the goal a minute before the game after passes by Olivier Giroud attackers contributions.
This result made both teams could not depart from the standings while Premier League 2016-2017. Manchester United occupy sixth with 19 points. As for, the elections caused 25 points and Arsenal are in fourth position.
Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, claims to be happy with the development of the area of the defence of children asuhnya. Klopp praised the last defender when Liverpool meets Southamtpon, last weekend.551
Earlier, Liverpool‘s defence line gets the spotlight. Up to the 12th week of the Premier League, Liverpool goalkeeper had already conceded 14 goals. Note that becamethe worst if looking at the teams that occupy the position of the big four standingswhile. New arsenal conceded 12 goals, Manchester City (11 goals) and Chelsea (9 goals).
Klopp thinks of Liverpool already has a good defense. Proven, Liverpool were able to keep on hand does not vibrate in game cons Southampton.
At the end of last week, maybe other people will say we failed to score. They think it’s better than a 2-1 win drew 0-0. This time I must affirm one thing. When we can keep the goal was not conceded, because our defense was good, I was happy, “saidKlopp.
Weak in defense, midfield and Liverpool brilliantly in an area of the attacker. Liverpool is still a tersubur team in this season’s Premier League competition. Recorded, Jordan Henderson dkk capable of collecting 30 goals.
At the end of last week, the team’s games are on during this situation that we want to achieve. I don’t care what other people are saying. We conceded 14 goals and maybe it’s too much, but you are trying to see how many timku scored a goal, “statedKlopp.
On the standings while the Premier League 2016-2017, Liverpool is ranked k-2 with27 points. They left one points from Chelsea who inhabit the top.

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