5 moments of Exciting Premier League 2016-2017 at the 12th Week

The moment of attracting Premier League 2016-2017 at the 12th week tinged success of Chelsea lead the standings, displacing the position of Liverpool. The Blues climbed to the Summit after beating Middlesbrough 1-0, while Liverpool was held 0-0 at the moment a trip to Southampton.
Not only is leading the standings, Chelsea also managed to record clean sheet for 590 minutes in the League United Kingdom. In the last six Premier League matches, the Club of the city of London origin capable of putting the victory without conceded.
Meanwhile, from Manchester, the Manchester United coach, Jose Mourinho, managed to extend the positive trends while meeting with Arsenal. Score 1-1 between THYopponent’s Arsenal this weekend, making it Portugal coach had never lost to The Gunners in the last 12 matches.551
The moment of attracting Premier League 2016-2017 at the weekend also came from Manchester City, where Yaya Toure managed to prove the trust given Pep Guardiola. The midfielder had only pacified by Pep it scored two goals victory over Crystal Palace City.
The following 5 moments exciting Premier League 2016-2017 at the 12th week.
1. Chelsea: visitors return to Liverpool Leads the standings
Chelsea leads the Premier League standings, shifting the position of Liverpool. The Blues are at the top with 28 points, while on the second and third position there areLiverpool and Manchester City with an acquisition value of 27.
2. Chelsea have not Conceded in 590 Minutes
Chelsea clean sheet record or not conceded in 590 minutes in the Premier League.Recorded six consecutive victories The Blues generated without conceded one goal.
3. The positive trend of Jose Mourinho Opponents Arsenal
Jose Mourinho never swallow defeat against Arsenal in the 12th game in the Premier League. Former Chelsea coach was leading his team grabbed five wins and sevendraw.
4. The end of the conflict the Pep Guardiola and Yaya Toure
Yaya Toure managed to pay the opportunity given Pep Guardiola scored two goals.Both had reportedly been involved in conflict because the Pep referred to did not like the style of play, Yaya Toure from Barcelona.
5. The dominance of MU over Arsenal at Old Trafford
Draw 1-1 to make Manchester United extend their dominance over Arsenal when playing at Old Trafford. In 10 matches, the Red Devils managed to win seven times, three against, and has never lost.
Premier League top scorer 2016-2017 until the 12th week still led by Chelsea striker, Diego Costa. Born in Lagarto, Brazil adds to the coffers golnya after breaking into the goalpost at Middlesbrough.
Now the number of goals from Diego Costa had already reached 10, away from Sergio Aguero in the second position. Failed to scored a match against Crystal Palacemade the acquisition of Manchester City striker a goal it halted diangka eight.550
In the next position, one additional goal makes Jermain Defoe, up to the number three scorer list of Premier League 2016-2017. The number of goals the attackers Sunderland was equivalent to Eden Hazard and also Refusing Romelu who each totaledseven goals.
Meanwhile Manchester United bomber, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, on this weekend failed to add to his collection of golnya. Now that Sweden origin bomber went down to sixranking list of leading scorer Premier League 2016-2017.
1. Diego Costa (Chelsea)-10 goals
2. Sergio Aguero (Manchester City)-8 goals
3. Jermain Defoe (Sunderland)-7 Goals
4. Eden Hazard (Chelsea)-7 Goals
5. Romelu Refusing (Everton)-7 Goals
Chelsea became interim Premier League standings pemuncak 2016-2017 after bending Middlesbrough Sunday (20/2/2016). Chelsea past Liverpool and Manchester City.
On laga cons Middlesbrough, Chelsea reaching three figures thanks to the single goal Diego Costa on 41 minutes. The results were enough to make Chelsea are at the top of the standings with a collection of 28 points.
The two rivals, Liverpool and Manchester City had to willingly go down. Liverpool is ranked second with 27 points, the same as the collection of Manchester City. Liverpool superior productivity goals, putting him in a runner-up.
The Chelsea Manager, Antonio Conte claims to be happy with how children asuhnyavictory. “We have different ways to win when compared to the five parties. We wonfrom a team with a strong organization. We are often depressed, but it never lost itscohesiveness. Now, we‘ve been thinking game cons Tottenham Hotspur, “he said, inthe Club‘s official website.
Tough competition not only at the top. The defeat of Chelsea making Middlesbrough approached the uncomfortable zone. They ranked 15th standings while with 11 points.
These conditions are categorized as dangerous, as The Boro only argued one pointabove HUll City, the occupant of the position. The players are already fighting hard, and I am proud of what they show the moment met Chelsea. We lost, but with a nice game model.

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