Pep Guardiola Is Hoping The Injury Is Not Serious To Suspension

Manchester City’s Manager, Josep Guardiola, assessing his team could fail to become champion of the Premier League this season, if it continues to show the game likecounter action on Crystal Palace, Saturday (19/11/1999).
Manchester City are essentially able to win 21 in the game. Yaya Toure became a hero to The Citizens thanks to the two golnya on the 39 and 83 ‘. Meanwhile, the single goal Palace printed Connor Wickham (66 ‘).
Although the elections caused the full points in that game, Pep claims to be dissatisfied with the appearance of child asuhnya. According to his Manager, fatigue is onefactor among Manchester City did not appear appropriate expectations.
“I want to say honestly to you. We’re not going to win the League if playing againstCrystal Palace. All the players know it. Therefore, they have been playing well on magpies matches before, “said Guardiola.
All the players understand it if we play as good as in previous matches, action we can achieve the target. However, after a pause, we do not appear good. An example is on this match, “he said.553
Manchester City are currently in third place while the Premier League standings with27 points. They lost goal difference over Liverpool in second place, and within one point of Chelsea at the top.
Manchester City’s Manager, Pep Guardiola, worrying about the condition of VincentKompany gets hard at the head of the lacing on the counterinsurgency action Crystal Palace, Saturday (19/11/1999). Guardiola is hoping the injury is not serious to suspension.
Meets at the Palace in the 12th week of the Premier League at Selhurst Park, Kompany plays since the early minutes. She inhabits the heart of Man City defense alongside Nicolas Otamendi.
In the 27th minute, the Belgium national team Defender had sprawl on the ground and gets treatment from a medical team of The Citizens. Suspension feel pain on his head after the clash with Claudio Bravo. Lucky, he can still continue the game.
Players 30 years it again had to get medical treatment. But this time, Barcelona was unable to continue the match and had to be replaced Pablo Mancini on 37 minutes.
Barcelona are experiencing problems in his head. He got a collisions, “explained Guardiola.
“Now we will monitor his condition. You have to be careful with a head injury. Hopefully it’s not anything serious, “continued the Manager of origin Spain.
Although without its shine, Manchester City won 2-1 victory over Crystal Palace. A pair of goals in the City into the Yaya Toure 39 minutes and 83 , while the single goalPalace printed Connor Wickham 66 minutes.
These results make Manchester City ranked at three while the Premier League standings with a value of 27. They just left one points from Chelsea who climbed to the top of the standings.552
Chelsea a 1-0 victory over Middlesbrough in the 12 week game Premier League, on Sunday (20/2/2016). These results not only makes Chelsea elections caused the fullpoints, but also the clean sheet for 590 minutes in the League.
Visit to the Riverside Stadium, The Blues went down with his squad. Applying tactics of 3-43, the Chelsea Manager, Antonio Conte plays Eden Hazard, Diego Costa, andPedro Rodriguez on the front-line.
London Blue squad any dominance since the ball is rolled out. Based on statistics at the official site of the Premier League, Chelsea records 57.6 percent possession, than 42.4 percent belonging to the home team.
Chelsea also had three excellent opportunities of 13 shots. Meanwhile, Middlesbrough had only one shot on target from 12 a chance.
The Blues finally settled the match with a 1-0 victory. Single goal Chelsea into DiegoCosta on 41 minutes. The ball of the left foot shot Costa results from inside the penalty box streaked seamlessly fit into the goal Middlesbrough.
Chelsea actually had a chance to double the advantage on 63 minutes. Alas, the ballkicks result who of Pedro Diego Costa still hit the crossbar.
This result made Chelsea won six consecutive victories in the Premier League. Note that also the more special, because the goal of the London Blue squads not conceded in six matches, or for 590 minutes.
As reported by Sky Sports Statto, Chelsea became the third Premier League club winning six consecutive victories on the season. In addition to Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal also carved a successful six wins in a row.
The counter Chelsea making Middlesbrough victory currently entrenched at the top of the standings while the elections caused the Premier League with 28 points from12 matches results. One of their superior numbers from Liverpool and Manchester City are in a row ranked two and three.

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