Won the Golden Ball, Ibrahimovic could be a gift from Sweden

Two members of the Manchester United supporters do desperate action by way ofpenetrating the security system at the Old Trafford Stadium. It’s done them ahead of Manchester United’s matches cons Arsenal, Saturday (19/11/1999).
“We understand people want to always see a game at Old Trafford. However, what the two men been overreacting. they should not do it, “said a spokesman for Manchester United.
“The second orangg it away from the tour with a variety of reasons. They (the staff)don’t count back the number of people in and out. So the two men could continue to be in the stadium without one has seen them, “the spokesman added.
According to news coverage of the Daily Mail, Tuesday (22/11/1999), the second person of the supporters were still a student. Pristiwa it started when they’re live tour at the stadium a day ahead of the start of the match.
They follow a series of tour it was orderly and without problems. When the tour is starting over, they then broke away with groups of heading to the toilet the stadium and stay there.
The action starts terendus, after the two supporters were moved to the stands of spectators on Saturday morning. As a result, the safety catch and mengintrogaasi them. They profess to do that because it would like to see the matches for free.
On the other hand, the match between Manchester United against Arsenal ended goalless with the score 1-1. MU lead through Juan Mata goal on 68 minutes. However, Arsenal aimed through Olivier Giroud a minute before the game was over.
One additional number does not change the position of the sixth ranked Manchester United in the Premier League standings, while the 2016-2017 package with 19 points. Arsenal inhabit the fourth position with 25 points.
Bomber Manchester United (MU), Zlatan Ibrahimovic, they were offered the statue of 2.7 meters tall from Sweden Football Federation (SvFF), at Friends Arena, Stockholm, due to be the most successful footballer in his country.
The statue is a form of recognition of resounding accomplishment that a variety ofwritten Spanish. Recently, the former Inter Milan player returned records the achievements of the joint country.
Ibrahimovic was awarded a special Golden Ball soccer player from Sweden, Monday(21/12/2016). This is the 11th trophy earned the player. Currently, it is not what players other than him to win it more than twice.
“I feel this is not real. Many people think, why do I keep won this award. However, after the hard work of more than 15 years in the national team and a 20-year career in various clubs, I feel it ought to be appreciated, “said Ibrahimovic.
You usually get this (his statue) after you have died, but I am still alive today. When I die, it will continue to live forever, “he said.557Ibrahimovic decided retired from the national team Sweden on 22 June 2016. Sincelive debut on January 31, 2001, he has had 116 appearances and scored 62 goals.
At Club level, Zlatan recorded eight different clubs has strengthened, namely Malmo FF, Ajax Amsterdam, Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona, AC Milan, Paris Saint-Germain, and Manchester United.
Ibrahimović successfully grabbed the League titles in four different countries. In theNetherlands, he took Ajax Amsterdam became the champion. Now, in Italy, Ibrahimovic grabbed the match against Juventus, Inter Milan and AC Milan.
Along with Barcelona, Zlatan Ibrahimovic became champions of La Liga 2009-2010 season. Meanwhile, he offered four trophies Ligue 1 for Paris Saint-Germain in France.

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