A new contract with Arsenal, these 5 interesting facts Hector Bellerin

A 1-0 victory against Middlesbrough, Sunday (20/2/2016), bringing Chelsea to the top of the standings while Premier League 2016-2017. The Manager of The Blues, Antonio Conte, insists his team are ready to deal with the two parties heavily after this.


A single-goal victory against Chelsea Middlesbrough created by Diego Costa on 41minutes. Up to three numbers makes The Blues Pack the superior 28 points, one points from Liverpool who was in second position.


After this, Chelsea will face two of the party‘s weight. The Blues entertain Tottenham Hotspur at Stamford Bridge in a match entitled London derby, (20/2/2016). Then, The Londoners into the headquarters of Manchester City, Etihad Stadium, (3/12/2016).


“I think we‘re ready. We are ready to deal with a lot of matches in the near future. That’s because we’ve been working hard on pramusim, in terms of tactics and physical, “said Conte.


“We have to keep working hard because the League title is very important. In every game, the intensity is always high and we should always be ready from start to finish, “he added.


Chelsea grabbed six winning streak in the Premier League, 20162017. More remarkably, The Blues created 17 goals and not conceded the party of six.


Matches like this give us confidence. We are so confident in work and what we do.The match against Tottenham was very important. This is a big game, “said AntonioConte.


Steven Gerrard failed to align itself to the MK Dons. MK Dons Chairman Pete Winkelman, ensures the management of his team will not be using the services of Liverpool legends.


BBC Sports, Tuesday (22/12/2016) released, the fortress MK Dons put Steven Gerrard as the first option was the coach of the Club. Unfortunately, the decision to change, and make Gerrard not so replaced the position of Karl Robinson.


“We continue to look for, and we are currently unable to use the services of Gerrard.We’re still mempercaya Richie Barker until the end of the season, or at least next January we‘ve got definitive name, “explained Winkleman.


Steven Gerrard will be meninggakan the Los Angeles Galaxy at medio December 2016. Some clubs are ready to accommodate the former Liverpool captain, either as a player or get into the coaching team.


In addition, there are two other ngebet want to use the services of the man who is now aged 36 years, Celtic and Inter Milan. Representatives of the two clubs have already contacted last Gerrard, even though Super Gerro yet give definitive answer.


Gerrard had expressed intention after coming out of the LA Galaxy. “I will be on theinside and outside of the field. The first step, I would like to get a coaching license level A of UEFA, “he said.


Steven Gerrard left Liverpool in May last year. He became one of the original United Kingdom famous player who had a career in Major League Soccer (MLS) United States.


With Liverpool, Gerrard holds the Java Champions League trophy 2004-20015, plusthe FA Cup Champion Edition of 2001 and 2006. She also helped Liverpool got the3-0 League Cup, UEFA Cup and European Super Cup.


Failed to create MK Dons Steven Gerrard got the possibility of a return to Liverpool.Some time ago, the owners of Liverpool, John w. Henry, stating his desire to use the services of the legend.


Hector Bellerin joint officially signed a new contract with Fulham on Monday(21/12/2016). The new contract makes Bellerin survive at Arsenal until the year2023.


Bellerin became the Centre of worldwide attention thanks to the action of impresifnya as The Gunners Defender. He came to London in 2011, when he was 16 years old. Intense competition in Barcelona to make a tough decision Bellerin to leave her hometown and seek their fortunes in other countries.


But the decision to join the Bellerin Arsenal proved to be right. Intensive guidancemakes the player grow up to be a great player. After five years in the United Kingdom, Europe’s elite clubs began to show interest in the proposal Bellerin. One of the clubs who wanted to buy his own former Bellerin, Barcelona.


New contracts signed letter from the player seems to be a signal if he committed alongside Arsenal. At least in the next few seasons, Bellerin will survive at the EmiratesStadium and try to give the Premier League title had long awaited The Gunners supporters.


The following 5 interesting facts Hector Bellerin:




1. the original Position is right winger Bellerin
When still at La Masia, Hector Bellerin always playing as a right winger. He plays the position of defender when she moved to Arsenal after receiving a referral from theAssistant Manager of The Gunners, Steve Bould.


When I was in Barcelona, I always played as a right winger. But I got the direction of Steve Bould how do I survive and I felt comfortable undergoing a new role as a defender of the right, “says Bellerin.
2. Bellerin excels in run speed
Theo Walcott was once known as the fastest player at Arsenal. However it is beruhah with the appearance of Bellerin. Bellerin now got the title as the fastest player in The Gunners beat the record of Walcott.
Media-media in the United Kingdom call Bellerin faster than Jamaica, sprinter Usain Bolt. Bellerin owned speed got appreciation from the FIFA football games 17, by making the fastest player Bellerin gim.
3. Mikel Arteta already predict Bellerin will become great players
The former Arsenal captain, Mikel Arteta, already estimate if a player is Bellerin hasgreat talents. As a fellow graduate of Barcelona, Arteta learned quality owned Bellerin.
“When I saw it in 2013, I already know if Bellerin has the capacity to become a major player for Arsenal. I have never seen such a wonderful Defender Bellerin in Spain, “said Arteta.
4. The first goal for Arsenal Bellerin
Hector Bellerin gets a chance to appear alongside the main squad for Arsenal whenMathieu Debuchy, Calum Chambers and Nacho Monreal suffered injuries. He scored the first goal for The Gunners on February 1, 2015 in game face Aston Villa. In the game, Arsenal triumph five goals without reply.
5. Bellerin diligently sending assists
As a player with the right Defender position, quite reliable in Bellerin launched an attack. This is because instingnya ever played as a winger. Bellerin quite reliable in opening opportunities for colleagues. 2015-16 season, the 21-year-old player recorded nine assists from 44 appearances alongside Arsenal. The amount lost from MesutOzil and Alexis Sanchez.

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