Agent: Lucas Perez Does Not Intend To Leave Arsenal

The heart of the Liverpool fans are pounding. They wait for a decision whether Steven Gerrard returned to Liverpool or not after the exit from the Los Angeles Galaxy, in medio December 2016.


Not only the Liverpudlian, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, professes to love it if Steven Gerrard back to Anfield. Like the Guardian, released Tuesday (22/11/1999), Klopp not close kemungkinn Gerrard will present next month and join the team coach of Liverpool.


Steven Gerrard left Liverpool in May last year. He became one of the original United Kingdom famous player who had a career in Major League Soccer (MLS) United States.


With Liverpool, Gerrard holds the Java Champions League trophy 2004-20015, plusthe FA Cup Champion Edition of 2001 and 2006. She also helped Liverpool got the3-0 League Cup, UEFA Cup and European Super Cup.

557Former colleague Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher thinks Super Gerro decent back to the big family of Liverpool. I know Gerrard will return because his family could not participate to the United States. He’s got a bigger family in Merseyside, which is Liverpool, “he said, in a program of Monday Night Football.


For Carragher, Gerrard‘s failure to MK Dons make him grateful. He assesses, Gerrardstill have much to learn. The offer from MK Dons came too for, and I am sure he is not ready to perform his duties as Team Manager. He will take up the offer if it is experienced. But the best thing, Gerrard could return to Liverpool, “said the former Liverpool Defender.


Agent attacker Lucas Perez Fernandez Llovelle, reveals the kilennya do not intend to leave Arsenal in the near future. It is at once dismissed the rumors of this latter removals Perez is circulating.


“He is not playing because of an injury. He had no intention of leaving the team. Arsenal and Wenger is very fond of her presence, “says Llovella.


“In fact, maybe (Perez) try asking directly to them (not for sale). There is no certaintyhe’s out of here. He was only thinking of Arsenal for the moment, he added.


Success had a total of 24 goals for Deportivo La Coruna costumed, Perez made Arsenal has to safe Perez. The 28-year-old player then he brought on a stock transfer last summer with around 20 million euro ($ 297 billion).


However, Perez nyetel with difficulty the game Cannon of London. Until entering November, Perez recorded a new seven-time defending Arsenal and create two goals in all competitions-season 2016-2017.


The State grew hard when he had to pull out of a green pitch due to injury when facing Reading 26 last October. When that ligament injury was diagnosed on Perez engkel feet which makes it must be absent for six months. Barcelona, Manchester United, Juventus and is rumored ready to exploit this situation to acquired Perez.


Lucas Perez predicted back appeared strengthened Arsenal when dealing with Middlesbrough at the Emirates Stadium in the ninth match of the Premier League, Saturday (22/10/1999).


Liverpool is okay under the Chelsea in the standings while the Premier League 2016-2017. All mentally when the data speak. Liverpool‘s performance better than Chelsea.


Mirror, Tuesday (22/12/2016) released data appearance for Liverpool all season, which has the advantage of Chelsea. Currently, Liverpool under Jurgen Klopp has the performance keeps getting better than last season. In fact, Chelsea have Antonio Conte, who also gave a positive effect for the appearance of The Blues.


This time Liverpool were able to collect 9 numbers more than last season with the same number of matches. The only team that appears better is Watford, which has an excess of 10 numbers.


Thanks to the impressive appearance, Liverpool were able to collect 27 digits from 12 Parties. They left one points from Chelsea in the standings while the Premier League 2016-2017.


The fleet of Jurgen Klopp subject only once, and is undefeated in 13 of the party throughout the competition. Last season, Liverpool put together 18 numbers from the same period. At that time, they reap the defeat when meets Southampton, Swansea City and Manchester United.


Unikya, on 10 matches this season, Liverpool had already met with the team three years ago, conquering them. As a result, Liverpool got two results the series and once won cons Swansea City.


Chelsea also experienced improved performance since the arrival of Antonio Conte.They collect more than 8 digits last season with a number of the same party.


Different fate came to Manchester United. The arrival of Jose Mourinho does not drastically change the team‘s achievements. Manchester United reaping the same points as last year. In fact, they’ve been shopping a lot of players. Unfortunately, the result is not significant, because the left of Chelsea and Liverpool.

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