Tottenham Hotspur Manager Could Never Win Liverpool

The Chelsea Manager, Antonio Conte, still aware of Manchester United grabbed theopportunity to question the Premier League trophy season 2016-2017, since Jose Mourinho‘s team was populated with quality players.
It seems to me, to be honest there is still a very strong team of six who is able to fight to win the Premier League. One of these is Manchester United. They have a great squad. We should be aware of this fact, “said Conte.
“If we thought by having a distance of nine points we can win the Premier League, itwas a big mistake. There are still 14 matches that must be played. It’s important not to make mistakes large during this period, “said Conte.
The variety among the masters of Chelsea for the Premier League title this season. Itdilatari after Eden Hazard and his friends were able to be on top of the standings temporarily with 59 points today.
They are linked to nine points from Tottenham Hotspur in second place. However, some of the other big teams like Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool and ManchesterUntied, rated the same opportunities still has to grab the Championship title.
Manchester United special, they are indeed lagging behind 14 points from Chelsea in the standings while. However, foster care that Jose Mourinho was the best mentality after a 3-0 win over the defending champions, Leicester City (5/2/2017).
Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, pessimistic about his team‘s chances of winning the title Premier League season 2016-2017. The barrage of negative results received Jordan Henderson and his friends is one of the reason.
I’m sure many people will criticize me. However, this would all be fine as long as weget to elections caused points in matches. However, we must accept if we cannot achieve Premier League this year, “said Klopp.
“However, there are still other things to do. We still have other ambitions this season (to qualify for the Champions League). Therefore we must fight to obtain it, “saidKlopp.
Jurgen Klopp‘s statement said ahead of the meeting counter Tottenham Hotspur atthe weekend Premier League at Anfield Stadium, Saturday (11/2/2017). However, Liverpool welcome match later with full of doubt.
Liverpool recorded always grab the negative result since entering the period 2017. In that span, they swallow five defeats, four draws and just grab the one victory in 10matches in all competitions.
Bad performance it makes Liverpool scattered in fifth with 46 points in the standings while at this time. They are linked to one point of Arsenal in the fourth or final Champions League zone boundaries, as well as 13 points from Chelsea who are at the top.
Tottenham Hotspur will be going to Liverpool on the weekend Premier League at Anfield Stadium, Saturday (11/2/2017). Laga later believed to be running hard for Spurs since his Manager, Mauricio Pochettino, have dark counter records the home team.
Mauricio Pochettino official menukangi Tottenham Hotspur per may 27, 2014. Since that time, the Manager of the Argentina original votes were able to lift the performance of Harry Kane and his friends at the top of the field.
This season, Tottenham Hotspur earned a Premier League chance because being in second place standings with 50 points. They are linked to nine points from Chelsea in the top spot.560
Though armed with statistics, Mauricio Pochettino flashy look inferior when it met Liverpool. According to the records of Four Four Two, Pochettino never achieve one victory while city rivals Everton team meets.
Mauricio Pochettino details, swallowing each of three defeats and a draw out of a total of six games against Liverpool in all event after serving as Manager of Tottenham Hotspur.
This entry into capital worse for Tottenham Hotspur to achieve maximum results in the action later. However, Mauricio Pochettino‘s team has the advantage because Liverpool are in a difficult situation at the moment.
Since entering the period 2017, Liverpool recorded always reaching for negative results. In that span, they swallow five defeats, four draws and just grab the one victoryin 10 matches in all competitions.

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