Manchester United Won’t Celebrate If Just To Qualify For The Champions League

Manchester City’s Manager, Pep Guardiola, saying the main places difficult gettingNolito because other players like Leroy Sane, Sterling and Gabriel Rahemm Jesus, were in peak performance.


Celta Vigo Nolito removed from a transfer value of 18 million euro (USD 255.18 billion) at the beginning of the season 2016-2017. Spain players were bound to the contract duration of four years.


However, Nolito rated the difficulty to get one place the core in the Manchester Citystriker. It looks after the new players Pack the 14 matches in the Premier League, with a record of played 739 minutes.


Nolito is not registered into the squad in the last two games in the Premier League.As a result, ex penggawa Barcelona were reportedly has not been kerasaan and wants to leave Manchester City.


Nolito doesn’t need anything else now. This is purely my decision so that he could play. Basically, we have three players who are in the best condition as Sane, Sterlingand Jesus. That’s the only reason why Nolito don’t play, “said Guardiola.


Nolito predicted will not come down since the early minutes, when Manchester Cityvisit to Bournemouth AFC Headquarters on the 25th weekend Premier League Stadium in Vitality, Monday (13/2/2017).


The Manchester United midfielder, Juan Mata, pleaded not easily strengthen his team. Because there are States, eyes a great expectations while playing for the team ofThe Red Devils.


The eye made landfall at Old Trafford in January 2017. Manchester United recruit players who are now 28 year old it from Chelsea with around 37 million pounds or equivalent to Rp 615 billion.


“You have to learn to face and overcome the pressure when playing at this club. If aClub of this size, you should know that there is a lot of competition for the position, “said Mata, as reported by the Soccer Saturday.


When facing Manchester United, the opponent will always fight to the end. We have to be prepared for it and you should be aware that while the strengthening of Manchester United. I think the right mentality, is trying to win, Spain midfielder was added.


The statement is first articulated teammate Eyes, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The former captain of the national team Sweden acknowledged the pressure always appear since her move to Manchester United which in fact is one of the world’s achievements-laden clubs in the summer of 2016.


Juan‘s eyes preparing to help Manchester United to a draw with Watford at Old Trafford at the weekend Premier League 2016-2017, Saturday (11/2/2017). This time, the foster care Jose Mourinho remain in sixth position standings with 45 points.


Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick, arguing there is no reason to do theending when his team finish in fourth season 2016-2017.


Manchester United went undefeated in his last 15 games in the Premier League this season. However, foster care Jose Mourinho now only remain sixth while the difference in the standings to two points with Arsenal which ranks fourth or final Champions League zone limits.


It is something that does not need to celebrate, if we finish third or even fourth, second, exclaimed Carrick, as quoted from the Mirror.


“You just do the ending when it became the champion, but the Champions League is a big part of this club. You certainly like to play in the competition, like the other best players.


In terms of attracting players and other things, the Club built for the competition.However, you can only do the ending when the top finish and become the champion, “said Carrick.


Manchester United preparing against Watford at Old Trafford on the weekend of the Premier League season 2016-2017, Saturday (11/2/2017). Five days later at the same stadium, the Red Devils would draw with Saint-Etienne in the match first leg Europa League round of 32 Large.

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