Ian Wright assess the Arsene Wenger of Arsenal going backwards

Players Arsenal legend Ian Wright, said that Arsene Wenger had given him any indication that he will step down from the position of the Manager of the Club at the end of the 2016-17 season.


Wright and Wenger is present in the event faqs Arsenal that took place at the Emirates Stadium on Tuesday night (7/2/2017) local time. At the event, Wenger looks to be in pressure after the Arsenal supporters there are groups who want it to withdrawfrom the position of Manager.


The last time Arsenal won the Premier League occurred in season 2003-04. Afterwards, The difficulties of Gunners to be the best in the Premier League. It makes its supporters feel if Wenger should‘ve stepped down from the position of a Manager already he jabat for 21 years.


Wright has ever dealt with Wenger over the past two seasons, understand gelagatwho pointed out that his boss when the former met in a question and answer event.Wright assess if Wenger was tired and ready to put my position as Manager of Arsenal at the end of the season.


“I along with Wenger for a few hours, we talk about a lot of things. But at the time he gave the impression if he soon parted with Arsenal.


Wenger is not talking about it directly, but he already looks really tired. Like there’s a new hit him in the abdomen. So, if you ask my opinion about Wenger‘s future, I think I can answer would leave Arsenal at the end of this season, “explained Wright.


Currently, the Arsenal was ranked fourth in the standings while the Premier Leaguewith a collection of 47 points from 24 matches. They left behind 12 points from Chelsea who are at the top of the table and be able to demonstrate an impressive appearance.


On the 25th week of the Premier League, Arsenal will entertain Hull City who were trying to avoid the relegation zone.


Bournemouth Manager Eddie Howe, hoping Arsenal want to pull off Jack Wilsherewith a permanent status in the upcoming season after the player was able to show a positive performance at the time got off.


Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger decided to loan Wilshere to Bournemouth at the start of the season. Origin of the France Manager admitted can not guarantee the player’s place in the main squad after Wilshere was often hit by injuries.


But Wilshere successfully demonstrated a consistent appearance along Bournemouth. Up to the 24th week of Premier League, Wilshere has been featured as much as 21 times and absolutely has not been injured.


Positive appearance indicated Wilshere made Arsenal want it off hope Howe to Bournemouth with a permanent status.


“I’m very grateful if Wilshere can join to Bournemouth with a permanent status. Butuntil now there has not been any discussion with Arsenal. So far, the status of Wilshere was performer loan and we will wait for the decision of Arsenal and the player itself.


Wilshere regarded Bournemouth as his home. His heart has been moored at the Club since the first time coming here. But he had the right to determine what is best for his career, “says Howe.


Was, Wilshere revealed that he does not yet know which will play in the upcoming season if Arsenal are still not able to guarantee its position in the main squad for TheGunners.


Wilshere is a product of the Arsenal Academy which penetrate the main squad in 2008 when he was 16 years old. Wilshere had potential, make it digadang-gadang be a future United Kingdom national team playmaker. But the injury continued to hit lacing make Wilshere failed to reach the best potential he had.

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