Jurgen Klopp Pessimistic Liverpool could be chasing Chelsea

Nicks quarterback Burnley, Robbie Brady, against Chelsea, at Turf Moor Stadium, Sunday (12/2/2017), noted as the first free-kick goal against The Blues since 2013.


The match ended 1-1. Chelsea excelled through Pedro Rodriguez in the seventh minute, before likened Burnley late free kick creations Robbie Brady in the 24th minute.


Touchdown Robbie Brady‘s have the impression for the Chelsea defence. According to Opta, the last player capable to play ball then Chelsea free kick is execution of Rickie Lambert in 2013.

565At that time, the position occupied by Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech. Goals Rickie Lambert, who is now in uniform Cardiff City, ever capable of delivering Southampton a 2-1 win over Chelsea.


On the season, Chelsea finish in the third stage of the Premier League standings, 2012-2013, while Manchester United came out as winner by 11 points from Manchester City in second place.


However, this time the situation is different. Despite playing 1-1 against Burnley, Chelsea remain firmly at the top of the standings while Premier League 2016-2017 with 10 digits over Tottenham Hotspur that ranked second.


Chelsea played 1-1 with Burnley on the 25th week game of the Premier League, at Turf Moor Stadium, Sunday (12/2/2017).


Both clubs performed the best with the power on. Despite its status as the guest team, Chelsea tried to take over the game since the early minutes of the match.


Their efforts eventually led to the results of a match recently runs seven minutes. Burnley left the ball after first results kick Pedro Rodriguez nest to play the home teamwithout being able to cleared by goalkeeper Tom Heaton.


Left, Burnley was quick to react. In the 24th minute, Robbie Brady making his team’ssupporters cheered after able to equalize 1-1. The goal of the creation through execution of a free-kick after Nemanja Matic violation.


On 36 minutes, Burnley got the golden opportunity to turn around. Alas, despite having been in the situation of a one-on-one, Matthew Kenilworth failed to score a goal because the points can be tipped wide by goalkeeper Chelsea, Thibaut Courtois.


Chelsea alternating the opportunity to back down after a superior drink. However, Cesar Azpilicueta kicks the ball from inside the penalty area just wide of the left goalpost side of thin at Burnley in the 60th minute. Score 1-1 else survived until the match is over.


Although he failed to achieve the full points, Chelsea remain firmly at the top of the standings temporarily with 60 points from 25 matches, winning 10 digits from Tottenham Hotspur in the second stage.


Throughout the game, according to the Premier League, Chelsea relinquished two shots accurate from the 13 experiments, with mastery of the ball 71 percent. Meanwhile, Burnley created four golden opportunities from six attempts against opponents.


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, pessimistic, his team was able to capture the top of the table while the Premier League from Chelsea. However, Klopp said it would continue to fight carry The Reds victory at every game.
Maybe you can imagine if I wasn’t too interested in chasing Chelsea at the moment. That’s because the chances to win something is with victory in every match. We just started it, “said Klopp.


“Let’s step phase out. Chelsea did not look must fight hard on every pekannya. However, Chelsea will have to do that if there’s a team that beat them, “said Klopp.


Liverpool were able to break the negative trend after beating Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 in the 25th week of the Premier League, at the Anfield Stadium, Saturday (11/2/2017). This is a great victory of Prime Jordan Henderson and his friends in the Leaguesince the beginning of 2017.


This positive result makes Liverpool remain fourth while the Premier League standings with 49 points. They are linked to 10 points of Chelsea at the top position, whichstill have the savings one.


I’m not sure if we’ll be in there (top). However, we will try every means to get as many points as possible on this season. Then we will consider whether it is feasible (towin the Premier League), “said Klopp.


In the next game, Liverpool will meets Leicester City match weekend 26th Premier League Stadium in King Power, Monday (27/2/2017). The mandatory Red squads won on a game later for the sake of keeping the chance of grabbing the title.

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