Celebrate a goal by removing shoes, This Explanation Juan Mata

Petr Cech, agent Viktor Kolar, unsure if his client’s position at Arsenal remains secure. Kolar trust Cech will still defend The Gunners until his contract ended on June 30,2019.


Petr Cech was often rumored Manchester untied Arsenal on stock transfer summer2017. This presumption arises because the goalkeeper a few times doing a fatal blunder. One of these is when the subject 1-2 from Manchester City in the Premier League (18/12/2016).


But some time ago, slanted news it instantly denied Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger. The Professor says Cech will still be the first choice under the crossbar in the next few years.


The position of Cech at Arsenal is very safe and summer stock transfer later on will have no impact on him. Cech will always be part of Arsenal until his contract expires,“said Kolar.


I’m sure if Cech will trusted roles became captain at Arsenal. He is a serious playerand would like things are going well. Cech prepare everything carefully. Overall, he has had a good season, “said Kolar.


Petr Cech appear heroic under the crossbar when Arsenal win 3-1 win against Hull City, on the game‘s 25th weekend Premier League at the Emirates Stadium, Saturday (11/2/2017).


This victory makes Arsenal are in third place while the Premier League standings with 50 points. They left nine numbers of Chelsea in the top spot, which would matchmelakoni cons Burnley on Sunday (12/2/2017).


The Chelsea Manager, Antonio Conte, confident Frank Lampard would be a great coach in the future. Conte ever suggested to Lampard in order to take immediate decisions about his future.


Lampard is a legend at the Club. I think she is his new career to become a coach. However, now is the time to make the best decision and it is not easy, “said Conte.


I’ve passed this time. It’s not easy when making sure which path to follow. I think Lampard might work in the world of football as a coach and he will do it very well, he continued.


After his contract with the New York City FC ended in December 2016, Lampard returned to the United Kingdom and hoping to find a new Club. However, until the exchange of January 2017 transfer is closed, no Club that accommodate Lampard.


Former Chelsea midfielder was finally retired on April 1, 2017. It‘s taken Frank Lampard after his 22-year career as a professional footballer.


Throughout his career, Lampard has sweet memories along with Chelsea FC from 2001 until 2014. Along with original London Clubs, he successfully find their 13 trophies, including three Premier League titles and one Champions League.


For 13 years in uniform Chelsea, Frank Lampard was able to obtain 211 goals in 648appearances in all competitions. It has a fairly large contributions, The Blues reportedly will offer Lampard a managerial position in the ranks.


The Manchester United midfielder, Juan Mata, do celebrate the unique goal when meets Watford at the weekend matches Premier League, Saturday (11/2/2017). The eyes of removing his shoes when breaking into the goalpost at Watford.


Face The Hornets at Old Trafford, the football that Spain plays penggawa since minutes earlier. The eye plotted as a right midfielder and helps Zlatan Ibrahimovic who are in the sector.


He scored the opening goal in The Red Devils on 32 minutes. Horizontal feed Martial from the left side was able to be converted into goals in the Eyes with a kick left leg.


After scored the ball into the goal Watford, Juan Mata unleash one of his shoes. The former Chelsea player also has a related explanation ending golnya.


Half of my shoes are outside and halved again in when I scored. So when I started doing the ending, his shoes apart and it was a great advertisement for Adidas, “said.


In the 60th minute, Anthony Martial successfully scored Manchester United’s advantage at the same time. Jose Mourinho‘s Club was closed the game with a 2-0 victory.


These results make Manchester United ranked six standings while Premier League with 48 points. They left behind a number of Liverpool who inhabit the four positions, or the deadline for participation in the Champions League next season.

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