Jose Mourinho satirical style of playing Chelsea

Liverpool‘s first victory in the Premier League in the year 2017 subverting Tottenham Hotspur 2-0. The Manager of The Reds, Jurgen Klopp stated if children play with brilliant asuhnya.
Sadio Mane appears as a hero Liverpool thanks to two goals that he print to Hugo Lloris. That fact confirmed when Mane was one of the most important players of The Reds at the moment.


Klopp thinks if the Liverpool squad have risen after two goals without reply to victory over Tottenham Hotspur. Origin of the Germany Manager assess The Reds squadcapable of playing as good when the offense and defense.


Liverpool played good in the first half on the offensive and defensive in the second half. We should have scored more goals, but these results are encouraging becausesome players showed a good individual appearance.


“Physically, some players show a brilliant appearance. Firmino shows if a striker could still appeared good despite not scoring, “said Klopp.


In the next game, Liverpool will be faced with Leicester City at the King Power Stadium (28/2/2017).

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Currently, Liverpool was ranked fourth in the standings while the Premier League with a collection of 49 points.


Liverpool subvert Tottenham Hotspur 2-0 in a match of the weekend Premier League. Sadio Mane appears as the hero of The Reds thanks to two goals that lesakkan toHugo Lloris.


Liverpool are trying to find victory in the inaugural Premier League in 2017 appearspressed the action early on. The presence of Sadio Mane and Philippe Coutinho in front line of The Reds make Liverpool attack gushing.


In the 16th minute, Georginio Wijnaldum mature successful bait maximized Mane to bring Liverpool winning over Tottenham Hotspur.


Successful opening of excellence, Liverpool appear beringas by launched an attack into the heart of Tottenham Hotspur Defender. As a result, forcing Hugo Lloris to Mane picked up the ball from the hand for a second time at the 18th minute.


Mane almost made a hattrick in the 22nd minute, but his shot was this time able tobeat Lloris. So also with the opportunities that come by Coutinho on 32 minutes.


In the second half, Liverpool did not give space to Tottenham Hotspur to develop his game. Recorded, The Lilywhites only able to create seven chances throughout the game.


There were no goals until the match ends, Liverpool managed to execute its missionin an inaugural victory in the Premier League in the year 2017.


The victory makes Liverpool collecting 49 points from 25 matches they already undertake. While Tottenham Hotspur still in second position standings with 50 points they already collect.

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The Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho thinks Chelsea a chance to be the champion of the Premier League since playing football survived that relies on counterattacks.


“Chelsea is a great team with a great defense. They survive very well with many players piled up in the back, “said Mourinho after carrying Manchester United a 2-0 winover Watford, Saturday (11/2/2017).


“The situation is now, the team will be champion with the game survive and rely oncounterattacks and dead balls. So, I think Chelsea will not slip. However, football remained football, “continued Mourinho.


Manchester United is currently fifth in the standings, while Premier League scoring 48 points in 25 games. Red Devils 11 points to be embedded from Chelsea who top the standings and has played 24 matches.


The final victory is achieved when the Manchester United entertain Watford at Old Trafford. Two goals in the victory of Manchester United scored Juan Mata on 32 minutes and Anthony Martial at the 60th minute.


Any Manchester United continue their record of never losing in the last 16 match of the Premier League. The last defeat Paul Pogba and his friends on a trip to the headquarters occurs when Chelsea on Sunday (23/10/2016).

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