United Kingdom League Results: Arsenal Win, Liverpool End The Bad Trend

Competition to penetrate the big four positions in the standings while the Premier League this season is getting fierce. Clubs who inhabit positions of two to six, coincidentally just two points.


Tottenham Hotspur who swallow defeat 0-2 from Liverpool at Anfield Stadium, Saturday (11/2/2017), still ranked the two provisional standings with 50 points. However, Tottenham failed to approach the Chelsea who were in the top posissi with 59 points.


The Blues ever likely to stay away from the pursuit of The Lilywhites. This is becausenew Chelsea match will undergo the 25th weekend Premier League Burnley at TurfMoor, cons, Sunday (12/2/2017).


Meanwhile, Arsenal peaked at number three with the same number belong to Tottenham Hotspur, 50 points. Their superior a figure above Liverpool and Manchester City in a sequence of four and five.

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Manchester United wins 2-0 over Watford closes to the position of the big four, or the Champions League zone. The Red Devils remain in six positions with elections caused 48 points, lagging one points from Liverpool in the top four.


Arsenal and Liverpool won a full point in the game the weekend Premier League. But for Liverpool, this victory while carrying out both the bad trend this year.


Appear before the supporters themselves, the Emirates Stadium, The Gunners got a fierce resistance from Hull City. Based on statistics at the official site of the Premier League, Arsenal records 49.1 percent possession against the 50.9 percent belong to Hull.


Even so, Arsenal still managed to pluck the victory by a score of 2-0. A pair of goalsinto the London Gun squads Alexis Sanchez at minute 34 and 90 + 3 ‘.


In other matches, Liverpool managed to stifle resistance Tottenham Hotspur. Entertain Spurs at Anfield Stadium, The Reds win two goals without reply. A pair of goals for Liverpool into Sadio Mane.


For Liverpool, this was a victory in the inaugural Premier League in 2017. Earlier, Philippe Coutinho and his friends grabbed three draw and swallowed two defeats in five matches.


Positive results were also obtained by Manchester United. Jose Mourinho‘s Club thesilence Watford in a match which takes place at Old Trafford.


The match was the 25th weekend Premier League still has three games of interest, i.e. the counter Chelsea Burnley, Swansea City who meets Leicester City, as well as AFC Bournemouth who faced Manchester City.


Chelsea trip to Turf Moor, Burnley‘s headquarters on the 25th week game Premier League 2016-2017, Sunday (12/2/2017). The action was soon to be the momentum for The Blues to increasingly move away from pursuit of the rivals.


Since swallowing defeat 0-2 from Tottenham Hotspur on 5 January 2017, Chelsea return to appear impressive. Antonio Conte‘s team were scooped up 10 points with a record of three wins and one draw in the Premier League.


In the Middle melempemnya the performance of the team competition, The Blues instead increasingly plugging her nails after defeated Arsenal 3-1, last weekend. A victory over The Gunners was further widened the gap with competitors.


Chelsea is still comfortably entrenched at the top of the standings while the Premier League with 59 points. Their superior number nine over Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal in second place and the third, who have undergone the 25th weekendmatches.

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The positive trend try maintained troops London Blue when confronted with Burnley. On paper the very open chances, let alone Chelsea do not have a problem with the players that inhabit the core squad.


Although his team closer to the more likely to grab the Championship title, Conte remind asuhnya to stay alert. This is looking at the situation from growing tighter andcompetition heats up, since entering the second half of this season.


We are at the top of the table at the moment, but this League (Premier League) is very difficult. For me, at the moment, the most important thing is to keep on pressing and take advantage of this momentum, “said Conte.


On the other hand, Burnley was not the team that ought to be underestimated. Despite currently being in the 13th position while the Premier League standings, the Sean Dyche has an impressive record of action while undergoing enclosure.


At least 28 points successfully secured The Clarets from other teams throughout the season rolling. They are only three times failing to secure the points when performing before the public themselves.


The action was soon to be a difficult match. Burnley have pocketed 28 points in thegame, “said Conte.


Statistics show they are a very strong team while competing in front of his own public. They are in third place with the best results in the Club game enclosure. We have to be aware of them, origin of the Italy Manager pinta.


In his preparation of facing Chelsea, Burnley constrained problem completeness squads. Jeff Hendrick had to undergo the sanctions ban on play, as for Steven Deffour and Dean Marney ascertained absence due to injury.

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