Guardiola Wants Sergio Aguero remain in Manchester City

Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger Mesut Ozil, calling the loss of confidence and a touch of magisnya. Any hope Wenger, Germany national team midfielder was able to return to his best game.


Ozil plays since the early minutes when The Gunners meets Hull City at the Emirates Stadium on match weekends to-25 Premier League, Saturday (11/2/2017). Expected to be a motor attack, Ozil was unable to contribute much make Arsenal.


Based on the statistics in Whoscored, the former Real Madrid player was only releasing one shot off the mark and his accuracy to reach 45 percent. He also rarely helpsdefense Cannon squad in London.

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Mesut Ozil made it‘s appearance as bad gets loud criticism from supporters of Arsenal. However, Wenger gave the defense create Ozil.


“That this was simply a need while Ozil confidence, after some times missed a chance in the face of Hull. I feel Ozil is not confident in the face of Hull, “said Wenger.


Technically he is like losing something that is usually given to the team. I don’t know the exact reason, but I have talked with Ozil on last Friday, “he said.


Although Mesut Ozil appear less conclusive, Arsenal managed to silence the Hull City two goals without reply. A pair of goals in The Gunners into Alexis Sanchez at minute 34 and 90 + 3 ‘.


Manchester City’s Manager, Pep Guardiola, was not confident with the future of Sergio Aguero on his team. However, Guardiola is hoping that Argentina midfielder remained at Man City.


“I don’t know what will happen to the end of a season later. But the search for the attackers, supported himself is not easy. I want her to survive, I never even sure of my career when the season ended, “said Guardiola.


Sergio Aguero sidelined from main Squad started Man City. The presence of GabrielJesus on stock transfers January 2017 to be one of the causes of the former Atletico Madrid striker was sitting on the bench.


In the last five matches, Aguero just two appearances for the full 90 minutes, that is, when it lost 0-4 from Everton on January 15, 2017, as well as being held 2-2 Tottenham Hotspur at Etihad Stadium, 22 January 2017. Meanwhile, two of the three remaining matches, Aguero played as a substitute.


These conditions make the sultry 28-year player and intends to raise the foot from Etihad Stadium. Two giant La Liga, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are reportedly ready to accommodate Sergio Aguero on stock transfer early next season.


Aguero know what coaches and clubs want. I don’t want to take it off, I want him to survive as long as possible here, “continued Guardiola.


“The reason he is not playing on two of the last party is simply because Leroy Sane, Gabriel Jesus, and Raheem Sterling play is incredible. Aguero remains the top players that are essential to achieving our goal, I never doubt it, “said the Manager of origin Spain.


Sergio Aguero has scored 18 goals plus assists one of 26 matches in the entire pageant competition this season. He was still bound together Manchester City contract to 30 June 2019.


Midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum Liverpool, assessing his team could achieve positive results without the presence of Sadio Mane. Nevertheless, Wijnaldum fixed praised the game shown penggawa national team of Senegal.

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Mane is indeed very important for Liverpool, but all is not just about him. We got bad results without Mane. Before he went to Africa, we got a positive result, “said Wijnaldum.


Last week we lost together Mane. I think it is not fair to the other players who say ifLiverpool can win because the Mane. Of course he is a great player. He helped us with the speed and scoring golnya. However, I think Liverpool are not just, “said ManeWijnaldum.


Sadio Mane came from Southampton per 1 July 2016. Since that time, she was able to become one of the crucial figures behind the sequence of positive results obtained for Liverpool this season.


Donations of 11 goals and five assists from 22 matches in the Premier League to become evidence if it has major contributions Sadio Mane in Liverpool. On that basis,many parties assess if The Reds can’t afford the player without a victory.


The supposition was proven when Sadio Mane defended national team of Senegal at the African Cup of Nations tournament, early January 2017. Liverpool recorded swallowing four defeats when the 25-year players absent.


However, the presumption that direct indisputable when Sadio Mane back to Liverpool at the end of January, 2017. The Reds remain minor gets results by swallowing one kelahan and one draw, though it has strengthened Mane.


However, Sadio Mane remains a hero for Liverpool when grabbing the kemangan 2-0 over Tottenham Hotspur in the Premier League (11/2/2017). In that game, the player scored twice.

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