Hector Bellerin Absolutely Don’t Have The Intention To Leave Arsenal

The former Manchester United player, Rio Ferdinand mistakenly assess the attitude of Wayne Rooney‘s controversial photo related circulating in the audiences. For Ferdinand, Wayne Rooney should mimic the attitude of two Megastar, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.


According to Ferdinand, the figure of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo will not doit openly. Some time ago, had circulated a photo of Rooney who was drunk and accompanied by two women. The photos were taken from the wedding party acquaintances Rooney.


Many circles assessing the behaviour of Rooney it was inappropriate. For, he should give a good example, given the current status is the captain of Manchester United and Barcelona United Kingdom


However, there are also the defending Rooney‘s attitude. Some managers in the Premier League clubs join commented. Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger and LiverpoolManager Jurgen Klopp, saying no too questioning of this problem. Because, according to their deeds Rooney is still reasonable and could be tolerated.


“Rooney has a difference in attitude with the great players like Ronaldo, Messi, Xaviand Gareth Bale. Rooney has done nothing wrong, because he’s doing it openly, “said Ferdinand.


Former national team Defender the United Kingdom considers the great players have the attitude is not out until 5 am. It was all because they protect themselves, and do it differently. They really prioritize the football and being able to adjust, “refer toFerdinand.


Wayne Rooney had apologised personally to Caretaker Manager Gareth Southgate,United Kingdom national team. The captain threatened to get sanction from the United Kingdom Football Federation (FA), the top of him.


Arsenal Defender Hector Bellerin, claims to be absolutely has no intention to leave the Emirates Stadium. Bellerin else happy has been extending his devotion along London’s Cannon.


I am very happy and this Club is my home now. I‘ve been here more than five years old and I was very pleased when the club said it wanted to extend my contract, “said Bellerin.


“I never think of anything besides survive here and continue my development. This is where I feel happy and I am grateful already signed a new contract, “said Spain midfielder was.


Hector Bellerini extended his contract along with Arsenal on Monday (21/12/2016).According to The Guardian report, a player 21 years it signed the contract lasts six and a half seasons with the wages of £ 120 thousand or equivalent to Rp 2 billion a week.


Bellerin‘s future had become the speculation over interest from Barcelona who want to recruit him in January 2017. However, with new commitments of Barcelona’s determination to secure the services of increasingly complicated Bellerin.


Hector Bellerin briefly studied at the Academy of Barcelona, La Masia (2003-2012). Then Arsenal memboyongnya in 2011 and the main Squad started penetrating Bellerin season 2013-2014. Until now, players berpostur 177 cm it already appeared in 87matches and scored three goals and 10 assists.


The Arsenal goalkeeper, Petr Cech, Defender Hector Bellerin many provides help to him in keeping The Gunners defense area.


With capabilities Bellerin, Cech thinks the Spain midfielder fit acts as a false wingeror fullback who occupies the opposite side of the field with his leg strength.

561Bellerin is a great player. He had a great season with us this season. Not only because he has speed, he also has the ability to understand the game, “explained teammate Cech.


She can act as false winger. When a team has a defender could move forward and backward, the player will move more freely with their ability to assist the attack. He will be a threat to opposing players, “he added.


Armed with the appearance that gemilangnya, the incoming radar Bellerin briefly rumored shooting of Barcelona, which is a club where he studied football.


However, Hector Bellerin not tempted and decided to stay on Arsenal. Spain-born Player to sign a contract extension that lasted for six seasons on Monday (21/12/2016).


I am really very happy and this Club is my home now. I have been here more than five years now and I feel very enthusiastic when the club said it wanted to extend my contract. I can’t think of another, rather than survive here and also continued the development of the mine, “said Bellerin.


Here I feel happy. I am very grateful and satisfied already binding on a new contract. Arsenal are not just a matter of being a player, you have to have a good personality to play here. That’s what try taught by the Club. You represent more than a club.My players who try so an example for everyone, not only inside but also outside the field, he added.

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